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Video: Vote for Mulvar!

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Whatever you’re for, Mulvar is for it, too. And he’s anthropomorphic, also. The Cartoon Brew website brings us this ultimate candidate, created by Montreal animator Patrick Désilets for this 2012 election year. (Note: Loud audio.)

FBA accepting character submissions for 2012 Draft

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The Furry Basketball Association is accepting character submissions for the 2012 FBA Draft.

FBA logoThe Furry Basketball Association is a fantasy basketball league built and supported by the furry fandom. It has grown through the creative contributions of dozens of furries who have created the league's 24 teams and more than 350 players.

Every year the FBA opens up for new characters, usually arond mid-March. These new characters, after meeting approval by the FBA Commissioner, enter that year's Draft Pool where they will be available to the general managers of the league's 24 teams. During the FBA Draft, a live event that usually happens in September, the general managers choose players one at a time from the Draft Pool, eventually bringing 48 new players into the FBA.