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FBA accepting character submissions for 2013 Draft

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The Furry Basketball Association is accepting character submissions for the 2013 FBA Draft.

FBA logoAll fans are invited to submit new characters, regardless of participation level in the FBA or knowledge of basketball. With a fresh emphasis on backstories, submissions no longer require details regarding the stats or playing style of the submitted characters. There is no limit to how many characters may be submitted this year by a contributor.

Submissions will remain open until May 1, or until 100 are received, whichever comes later. Players will be considered for participation in the 2013 FBA Draft, when teams will select new players to join them for the league's 5th season. The 2013-2014 season begins October 31.

The Furry Basketball Association is an Ursa Major-nominated fantasy basketball game for the furry fandom. Since 2009, the FBA has taken the creative contributions of individuals throughout the fandom to grow its 24 teams, each playing an 80-game regular season schedule with full rosters of 15 players each. Scores are posted regularly on Twitter at @furrybasketball and on Fur Affinity. Questions regarding the FBA can be sent to


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The link to Furry Basketball Association is broken in the first sentence. Add "http://" to the beginning and it should work fine.

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Good catch! (Though we use // here for WikiFur links because both this site and WikiFur are available via https:. It shouldn't just be "" though.)

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Just cause I'm from Syracuse does not make me good at basketball...

I'd probably break my leg.

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I've always thought this was a really cool idea.

Too bad I've never given a rat's ass about basetball though. :c

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