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Anthrocon Badge Update

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Anthrocon is going to take the leap this year into a 21st-century style of badge, as opposed to the 19th-century style that we've been using since our inception.

Starting this year, we will be abandoning the old card-in-sleeve badges, so easily lost or damaged, and using laminated plastic badges. For those who like to have personalized badges made to give to your favorite artists, we still have a limited supply of our badge-stock from last year left over. You can pick up a blank one at the con store while supplies last.

-- Uncle Kage


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Wow, laminated badges... just so we can have the registration lines stretch even that much longer - as the -one- lamination machine will undoubtably break when they have to re-re-re-laminate the incorrectly made badges from bad pre-reg information! Or did we think that far ahead this time? (Please say YES!)

But... A question: "Why was this necessary?"

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Wow. More anonymous bashing of Anthrocon.

People like you are making me seriously reconsider my anonymous poster policy.

If you're going to bash someone or something, at least have the balls to put your name on the post.

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Obviously you've never had to deal with the 'stapling the con badge' thing. :P

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Laminated badges. Well, there goes a good source of revenue for artists at conventions. :/

Having artists draw on convention badges has quickly become quite a popular thing to do. If the convention is not going to provide badges that can be customized, then artists will need to provide their own badge materials, which will need to be paid for with higher per badge costs to the customers. Not so great for artists or convention members alike.

Laminated badges are neat to look at, and they are darn near indestructable, but also are very cold, impersonal, and... well.... unfriendly. I feel the same way about the way any convention badge is designed with no space to draw or customize it. I typically take the badge insert and throw it away and draw my own content. If the badge is to be laminated, then I might be tempted to just not wear it at all, only bringing it out to gain access to areas needing access... although a convention that has security that does its job and actually CHECKS badges is few and far between...

Anyways, I can't say I'm pleased with it. KISS is a wonderful principle. I'd stick with it.


-ConiFur NW

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I've always worn two badges at cons. One being the "official" badge, bearing the stickers, ribbons and codes that the con needs, and having my name in *large, bold, easy to read from 50 paces* letters... The other being the customized badge with a character design on it, which - although very pretty - have always been very hard to read from far away.

I don't see this step as a problem at all.

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Except that, of course, Uncle Kage has stressed several times that the old-style piece-of-paper-in-a-folded-plastic-thingy badges will be available in case there are some artists who still don't stock their own supplies. I personally prefer the lanyard to piercing all of my clothing just for a con badge. Those piercing holes grow when you wash the shirt.

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Aureth, what exactly do you mean, 'more anonymous AC bashing'? This is the first negative comment I can remember hearing about AC. I always thought it had a very good rep in the fandom.


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"Those piercing holes grow when you wash the shirt."

Ahem. These are furry fans, ya know. Soap is an unknown substance. :) (J/K!)

I'd LOVE to make all the con badges available on lanyards if they were affordable to purchase. Unfortunately even the most inexpensive still runs $1+, and that could mean $600+ or more for a convention's needs. Pricey!

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Yeah us too on the lanyard thing. if anyone finds a more affordable source for them, do let us know. Even the durn pocket badge holders instead of folder/over staple kind are pretty pricey.


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Is there any place where people can buy their own personal lanyards, neckstraps, what have you? I think I saw Virtual Vikki wearing a personalized one. Where do ya get those?

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