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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the pond

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Pennsylvania in the summer expects oddball visitors, but my local
area has rarely had visitors quite this odd. Several 2'-4' foot long
alligators have been found swming about the local area, wth at least
one remaining unaccounted for.
You can get the scoop here --

June 21 story
June 19 story
June 18 story

As yet no one has any ideas where the errant gators have came from.
Authorities assume they were owned by locals and then released. This keeps up
and Northampton County's next tourist attraction will be a Gator Farm.


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Hey, thanks for posting my story! I wondered if it would be accepted.

Related to this, I can't help but think of anomalist Loren Coleman's favorite bit of weirdness, teleporting animals. According to him, apporting alligators have showed up all over this country, typically right before waves of Fortean weirdness (the goblin universe knows about AC!). So if PA starts getting hit with rains of fish and flying saucers during AC, well, you were warned. >;)


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