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Nexxus to turn over Furnation, gafiate

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In an article posted to and on Tuesday, Nexxus (James Robertson) announced that he has transferred ownership and administration of the Furnation servers and services to Rackett and that he plans to gafiate from furry fandom. For his announcement, see below; click here to see the complete article that was posted to Usenet, which also deals with a nasty bit of recent mudslinging.

I want to make it officially known that as of Noon on Monday June 24th, 2002 the ownership of FurNation and all services has been transferred to Scott (or known in furry fandom as Rackett). Rackett had been the system administrator for FN over the last few months and was helping me at the table last year at Anthrocon. Some of you may have met him there.

I wish everyone to understand that Rackett saved FurNation just before I almost yanked the SDSL cord out of the wall. After talking over the situation for a few hours I came to the decision to leave the fandom and get on with my life.

I have cancelled my flight to Anthrocon this year. I will not be attending any further events dealing with the fandom.

The FurNation Magazine Issue #3, which was to be sold this year at Anthrocon, will be put on hold until Rackett can come up with the funds needed to produce it. Hopefully it will only be a short delay in production.

We will arrange to have the SDSL lines that run FurNation moved from my house to Rackett's and I will transfer all the necessary computers and components to his location.

I have made an agreement with Rackett that free web hosting for furry artists and writers will always be available on FurNation. Rackett will have complete control of FurNation other than this one request. I believe he will make a very good administrator.

I will be calling Kurst tomorrow to see if he would like to help Rackett with the day to day operations of FurNation.

This decision has not been made in haste. I have been running FurNation for over 5 years now, and it is time to hand over the system to a new administrator.

I have learned many things from being in furry fandom, and the most important is that when you build something you love someone will always be there to try and tear it apart. I would rather give FurNation to another person than to see Smash make false accusations against me and try to do FurNation and the rest of the artists and writers who are hosted there any further harm.

I want everyone to remember that Lycan who created the Yiffco website decided to leave the fandom over a similar situation. VCL and Yerf have both changed ownership. Now it is time for FurNation to change hands.

I want to get on with my life, and I am getting heavily involved with work and the SCA again. I plan on helping out at a renaissance fair here in Dallas called Scarbough doing construction and stuff. So it may be best that Rackett takes over FurNation as he will have more time to complete the new system and manage the services.

For all of you who have called and emailed me with your support over the last few days I send out my warmest thanks. For all of you who have bought magazines and contributed equipment and donations over the years I want you to know how much you have helped keep FurNation online even in the worst of times.

For all my friends in furry fandom please continue to write and call me. Just because I am out of the fandom does not mean that you are all still very good friends of mine. I care about each and every one of you.


Nexxus, AKA: Jessie James Alvin Robertson
(I bet very few of you knew this is my real name)

Former Webmaster of FurNation

P.S. You can contact Rackett directly at My email address of will be taken offline as soon as I sort out my personal email.


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First to comment! W00T!

If this quote is the case:

"You, Smash, are not the center of the universe."

Then... should not his words not matter?

Oh well. One thing for sure, if you're going to be this publically visible, if you're going to matter AT ALL to any community whatsoever, SOMEONE isn't going to like it. It's an annoying and often sad facet of life, and not a reflection upon you or what you are doing.

Ideally, admins could shrug it off, recognize that these people don't amount to anything, and not give their words credence by reacting to them. Unfortunately, thick skins are hard to grow, and don't suit many of the generous, well-meaning furries who often undertake fandom services such as Furnation. Can't say that I have much of one myself. ^_^

Ho well. Furnation lives on in any case. YAY! Good luck in the SCA and other stuff, Nexxus!

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Mmm, the only thing that bothers me about this in the end is that they both won to a degree, having successfully driven Nexxus out of furry. Perhaps he could bridge his two fantasy loves, I do know there are some furs in both, and perhaps he could concentrate on that fringe, rather than walking away completely.


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It's kinda funny, because I have seen Nexxus have problems with many many different furries and conventions over the years. (Having been a staff member at such cons)

There is one thing in common across all of these problems he's had with others, can you guess what it is?


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Generally, I avoid politics (furry and non-furry) like the plague that it is but I feel the need to come to Nexxus' defense for two reasons.

First, FurNation was instrumental in my finding the furry world. I ran across the art of a particular furry artist, who is still one of my favorites and who I had the pleasure of meeting at Anthrocon this year, and that led me to his FurNation site and then to all the other furry sites there. If it hadn't been for Nexxus and FurNation, I might never have found the furry world I enjoy so much today. For this, I feel I owe Nexxus a debt of grattitude.

Second, my only personal contact with Nexxus was pleasent. After I'd been visiting the site for several months, I couldn't get the site to load. The site would start to load and then hang. After a few days of this problem, apparently only with FurNation, I sent the web master an email asking if he was having a problem and promptly received a polite reply. After a brief exchange of emails, we were able to determine that it was not just the FurNation site but any site that transferred you from one place to another when you were entering. I just hadn't tried any of those besides FurNation. Armed with this information and some details from Nexxus, I was able to contact my ISP and get them to fix their problem.

I've been where Nexxus is. I have worked on some things I believed in (nothing to the extent of FurNation, though) and there always seemed to be someone who thought his purpose in life was to tear it down. In certain circles, my temper tamtrums are lengendary. So, I'm willing to cut him a little slack and wish him well in whatever he decides to do.

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