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New Macrofurry site about!

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If - like me - you are into, or just enjoy Macrofurry - the area of furry which involves furries of unusal size, here's a new site you might like to check out. It can be found at this address:

If you're concerned about rude pictures, though there are adult areas these are very clearly labelled and indicated, and as a whole and in the majority most stuff is friendly and *clean*.

The owners and administrators of that site would ask you if you wish to join to read their FAQ and observe the rules of that site at all times.

Though, the site is not ment to be a dictatorship - it's just there for you to have fun!



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Just as an aside: the use of "Gir" on the forum banner, while cute, is something of a copyright infringement. It might be advisable to have that replaced in the interest of setting a good example and avoiding a potential legal entanglement.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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