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Conifur artshow update

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This is the announcement I just sent to the Conifur Artshow announcement list regarding the recent questions about our hotel and such.

If you are interested in participating in our art show, please send an email to to request a packet. Don't forget your legal name and mailing address!The message follows:

Greetings everyone!

I was originally going to wait until I knew more about where we're going
to be this year, but certain unexpected circumstances have come up, so I
wanted to let you all know sooner than later what's happening.

I have had a couple of emails from those of you that saw Flinthoof's
announcement that Conifur was in dire peril of being canceled. I wanted
to assure you that this is NOT the case. Here, in brief, is what's going

Our normal hotel, the Best Western Executive Inn, is going through a
rather sudden and unexpected series of changes that prompted them to
clear their booking schedule for the next couple months. This included
our event. Because of our contracts with them, Best Western is obliged
to ensure that we have a venue for our booked (and paid for) event.
Currently, we are working with the Tacoma Sheraton in conjunction with
the Tacoma Convention Center for our sleeping rooms and event space.
Nothing is final in any case, but we are already preparing for the move.
Now, this isn't to say that we WILL be at the Tacoma location, because
the Best Western may or may not be in operation at that time. Best
Western itself is not sure yet, but they will have to get us an answer
pretty soon, since we can't very well plan for something if we don't
know where it's going to be!

To make a long story short (Too Late!), the convention WILL be happening
(We just don't know where quite yet), and thus, so will the art show.
The variable here is if we will have the 72 panel layout like we did
last year, or if we will have a BIGGER layout. I will take reservations
up to 72 panels for the Original art show as normal (26 have been
reserved so far). After that, I will start a waiting list as always. The
difference this year is that if we end up in Tacoma, then there WILL be
more than 72 panels! I'd like to fill the show up, but if you don't get
a panel, you will (of course) get a full refund.

When I know more, and/or have a definite answer as to the venue, then I
will post again and let you know on what's happening.

In the meantime.. ahem.. official voice, here:

"This is the Conifur Northwest 2002 Art Show Announcement List. If you
are on this list, then you are in our database. If you are in the
database, then you should have (except for a few late additions)
received an art show packet by now. If you did not receive a packet,
wish to have another packet sent to you, or wish to be removed from this
list, please email me directly and tell me where to send (or stick)
another art show packet. Thank you!"


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