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Furbuy under new management, looking for donations

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Stopped by the FurBuy website lately? After a hiatus of over seven months (see Furbuy to cease operations..... again) and a tentative feeler in June, it looks like FurBuy -- the former competitor to reigning champion furry auctionhouse FurBid -- is making a bid to return. The FurBuy News Page is announcing that FurBuy is under new management and will be reopening soon. It's rather light on details about who will be taking over the operation, promising that "more information will be posted as it becomes available." The news page further goes on to ask users to support the site by donating to help renew the domain and offset costs.



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For some reason Flayrah broke the links I put into the article for readers.

FurBuy News Page:


"We use them for divine retribution."

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They should renew the domain name before the same thing happens to them that happened to ............

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