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AAE and Further Confusion Announce ConJose Anthropomorphic Events

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Further Confusion and its parent organization, AAE, Inc. are sponsoring several anthropomorphic events at the upcoming World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon), ConJose, in San Jose, California. Click Read More for the details.

1. Art Show (8/29-9/2)

AAE and Further Confusion have jointly purchased 4 (3' by 4') panels in the ConJose art show. We will be displaying a variety of artwork showcasing the very best in our fandom's artistic endeavors free of charge to interested artists. We are lining up those artists as we speak and this space is provided free of charge to those artists who choose to participate. Items must be rated PG13 and we highly encourage them to be framed. You do NOT need to attend in person to take advantage of this offer but space IS limited so contact us immediately. The items may be NFS or for sale. However, if they are for sale, you will need to sign an agent agreement with AAE. If you are an interested artist, please drop an email to for more details. We encourage attendees of ConJose to stop by and check out the display we have
for you.

2. Parties

AAE has booked one of the wonderful suites at the Fairmont Hotel and will be hosting at least two parties there.

AAE/Yarf! Party

On Friday night August 30, AAE and Yarf! will be having an informal party starting at around 8 pm. Yarf! and AAE will provide all the snackage you can eat as well as a space for fursuiters to change in and a separate room for
drawing and general socializing.

3. Further Confusion Party

On Saturday night after the masquerade, Further Confusion will be hosting a themed shindig in our suite. Come by and join the Mad Hatter and Red Queen's staff as they celebrate the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland as a prequel to the fun at FC2003.

4. Further Confusion Fan Table
Further Confusion will be manning a fan table during ConJose on Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and purchase t-shirts, memberships, discounted merchandise from prior years, and/or offer us your suggestions and feedback.

5. Day Badge Prices
World Science Fiction Conventions can be expensive. However, if you have never been to one, we encourage you to stop by for at least a day and support the convention with a membership. If you have never been, its truly an experience like no other. They only come to your back door once every decade or so!

Single Day Memberships are available at the following prices:

8/29 $50
8/30 $70
8/31 $85
9/1 $85
9/2 $40

Full price Con Jose memberships are $200 at the door. $180 for pre-reg which ends on July 31.

5. ConJose Information

ConJose is the World Science Fiction Convention. The last time one was in the Bay Area it attracted over 8000 attendees. In addition to an awesome masquerade, there's already several events on the program of interest to anthropomorphic fans. You can find out all kinds of information about
ConJose and its programming on their website at:


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This is the third post about ConJose to flayrah in a four-day period. Is there anything new in this one?

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Actually, yes.

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Actually, yep. I specifically didn't mention the programing stuff and Cf's party that had already been mentioned.

Its just that THIS year, theres actually a lot of interest to anthropomorphic fans at Worldcon. Hopefully, that will continue. At least, I hope so.

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