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Conifur Northwest at-the-door prices going up

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Conifur Northwest regrets to announce that we are increasing some membership prices. Preregistration (must be postmarked by eptember 20th) will remain at $30. However, at the door memberships will rise to $40, and onattending to attending upgrades will be $25. One-day memberships will be $20 for Friday, $25 for Saturday, and $20 for Sunday.

Like a lot of things happening with Conifur lately, this has to do with our hotel change. Everyone, including the Best Western Executive Inn staff and Best Western corporate, was caught by surprise by the sudden closure of the BWEI at the end of July. Despite orders to simply cancel all contracts, our contacts at the BWEI made an effort to place us elsewhere, giving us an introduction to the Sheraton Tacoma and putting in a good word on our behalf.

Normally, it literally takes months to negotiate a contract with a hotel and requires more than a year of lead time to get a desired set of dates; the Sheraton Tacoma has moved heaven and earth (and arranged with several other groups to change their times and dates to clear space for us) in order to make this happen in less than two weeks. They have graciously honored the $79-a-night room rate that we got from the BWEI, and cut us as many deals as they could for a new customer. However, it is still a larger and nicer facility and costs a good deal more than the BWEI.

Conifur Northwest 2002 is going to take every penny that we have on hand plus much of what we may yet take in before and during the convention. If we are to have any hope of meeting our bills and continuing the convention, then we have no choice but to raise some prices. This could be the last Conifur Northwest ever. If you've ever considered coming, this is the year to do it. If you've ever considered being a sponsor, this is the year to do that, too. Your membership or sponsorship could be the difference between having a con in 2003 and not.

Thank you.


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