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Just playing cat and mouse

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Cats might love mice, but they usually don't love the cats back, for good reason.Auan, a seven year old female cat in Thailand, adopted Jeena, a mouse, when he was a baby. Now she keeps him clean and protects him from threats. Awww!


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........ THAT'S a MOUSE? The thing's huge! Either that or that's the smallest cat on the planet!

Could be a rat, but the facial features aren't quite right.... maybe it's a super-mouse!

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Maybe it was a special delivery from N.I.M.H.?

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Thats because it is a Rat. They called it a Mouse because it dosnt have the 'eeek, rat!' undertones. This is Rattus norvegicus, known as the Brown, Field, Common, Sewer, Hanoverian or Norway Rat. There is a wide variety of change in this species.

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I wonder much how this is better than the "Lioness 'adopts' Gazell Fawn" story...

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For one, the mouse doesn't need it's mothers milk anymore.... so it won't get malnourished. That was the main problem with the lioness, the gazelle fawns couldn't get it's mothers milk so they suffered malnutrition.

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Rats are highly social animals, and I asume this one will always be denied the prescence of other rats.

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That reminds me of a story...

One housemate had a king snake, Hannibal. She would feed him mice.

One day, Hannibal came across a mouse that he would not eat; we decided to call her Clarisse. He obviously learned behaviors from her; he started tunnelling after watching her. He would let Clarisse run all over him. We started feeding Clarisse, in Hannibal's cage... thinking that this would make a good Disney-style film.

It turns out that Hannibal had something stuck in his throat. Once that was cleared... she became dinner.

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