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Rat-morph stars in new noir animated series

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Based on their comic book, the Huja Bros. are developing a stylish, detective-noir series for Touchstone and UPN called Rat Bastard. A clip can be seen here. Their next project: an animated Pam Anderson as "Stripperella", produced by Stan Lee, who says, "If they can make a rat look good, just think what they can do to Pam!"


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I'm not too fond of this new style of animation with hard corners and black shadows - done properly, it can be impressve, but it's too often used as a shortcut.

Given that, this series looks really, really, really good. I've never checked out Rat Bastard before, looks like I'll have to now.

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Heck, if it's on UPN aka normal TV (I have no cable, bah), then I'd definately give Rat Bastard a try... It looks great.

Fana McCloud

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After viewing the trailer I think I can say that it looks like it has decent music, an interesting artistic style -- it sort of reminds me of "Tank Girl" for some reason -- and a voice actor who seems to fit the part just fine. I'm rather surprised that the trailer had a full story line from beginning to end, like a mini-episode.

I'll be keeping an eye out for it, since it seems to be promising.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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