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Conifur Northwest expands sponsorship benefits

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Conifur Northwest is pleased to announce an expansion of our sponsorship program: we've devised some nice new rewards for those who help us out. You can read all about them here, or click on "Read more" to see a summary.
Sponsors at any level, in addition to the benefits that Conifur Northwest sponsors have always enjoyed, will also receive a free plushie. Sponsors contributing $200 or more will also get a free custom badge from one of the artists who has volunteered to help us out. And sponsors contributing $500 or more and will not only get a free custom badge, we will put your name on one of our special events! You made this event possible!

Due to the change in hotels, our expenditures for this year have just about doubled. That's everything we've got, and then some. If we're to have any hope of meeting our bills this year and continuing in 2003, we need your help. Your sponsorship could be the difference between having a con in 2003 and no Conifur Northwest ever again.

Thank you.


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