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"Face-Clawing" Monster Attacks Indian Citizens

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Villagers in India have been reportedly attacked by a creature they describe as "something flashing blue, red or green that strikes only at faces and only at night".

The creature has been dubbed "Muhnochwa" or "face-clawing monster". Persons accused of being the Muhnochwa have been murdered, and entire towns deserted in fear of it.

Full story at ABC


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So much for the conceit that only Americans can make up stuff like this. I wonder if John Keel or M. Night Shyamalan have heard of this one yet?


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Such tales are commonplace in India- there have been many, many wierd nocturnal attacker stories from that continent in the last several decades.
There is also evidence that the cult of Kali still exists- or was ressurected some time after WW2.

-Iron Badger-

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