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December 2003

Roy Disney Resigns from his uncle's fallen world.

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The Oompa Lompas were all that was left of the original Walt Disney company, namely Roy Disney as a substantial stockholder, until today. Roy Disney has resigned and calls upon Eisner to do the same.

The Drudge Report once again has broken the story before all others:

Read onward for archived text from Drudge's website. It's impossible to link directly to articles due to Drudge's ever-morphing html pages.

I guess he's about as fed up as the rest of us have been for the last decade.

New Update! :)

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New major update! Just to let fursons know the furry web hosting community, Furtopia, has undergone a new and major update! The new design is easier and more intuitive for users and helps in finding Furtopia's many public services. Lots of thanks to all the Furtopia users who have helped and shared in the growth of this non-commercial community service! It's through your efforts that we are where we are today. :) Furtopia, once the new breed underdog of the fandom has grown on reputation and now stands at 300+ hosted web sites and 400+ registered users on Furtopia's forums .

2003 Anthropomorphic Recommended List - 3rd Update

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2003 Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List
3rd Update - December 1st, 2003

The 2003 Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List was first posted on July 1st. This is the third update.

Jab Archives Now Finally Back Online!

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One of the internet's most beloved sources of yiffy Toon Parody Art is now finally back online thanks to their fundraiser earlier this year.
Jab has long been a great source of high quality and often humorous artwork depicting all of our favourite characters in steamy situations. From Lola Bunnie to Bunny Rabbot, Jab is a must for any fan who likes sexy parody artwork!

Bottled Water for Dogs Down Under

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Though some pet stores do carry bottled water for dogs, an Australian has come up with flavored bottled water!

Anyone for beef flavored water?

Here's the story and a cute photo too.

First twin manatees born in captivity

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BBC online reports the birth of twin manatees at the Beauval Zoo in France. The Zoo is participating in an program aimed at saving the endangered species.

Lucky Monkeys or Pepsi Challenge?

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A businessman in Thailand's Lopburi Province thinks lucky monkeys are behind his success, so he holds an annual party for them! You can read the AP story and see the Pepsi-guzzling monkey here

Homeless Dog Opens Car Door to seek shelter

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A family in Clallum County, Washington, set up a video camera to catch the prankster who was leaving a dog inside their parked car. They were suprised at what the video revealed.

Upcoming Furry Comics

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Comics! Get yer comics here! From Doodles: "Hello there! It's gaping consumer whore, er, Christmas time! The sort of time that makes me feel glad to be agnostic and poor..."

Judge OKs aerial wolf shooting program

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An Alaska judge has rejected an attempt by an animal rights group to stop a state-sponsored program allowing hunters to shoot wolves from airplanes in Alaska.

Full Article

More Upcoming Furry Comics

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The monthly errata list to Doodles' comics list, provided by Treesong.

What do you want for Christmas?

Free art
10% (37 votes)
A fursuit
13% (48 votes)
A transformation
41% (152 votes)
A complete set of ASB
7% (26 votes)
An anime catgirl
21% (79 votes)
One of every Steiff stuffed animal
3% (10 votes)
A Feren
4% (16 votes)
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