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Jab Archives Now Finally Back Online!

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One of the internet's most beloved sources of yiffy Toon Parody Art is now finally back online thanks to their fundraiser earlier this year.
Jab has long been a great source of high quality and often humorous artwork depicting all of our favourite characters in steamy situations. From Lola Bunnie to Bunny Rabbot, Jab is a must for any fan who likes sexy parody artwork! the main site is up the actual page itself is still under heavy construction but at least half a dozen artists are definitely on their way back including the ledgendary Fatalis, Desiree Lee and Joe Randel.

It's been a difficult road getting hosting for the server and despite the Jab crew's best effort it's been many months delayed; but they haven't given up and the results are now starting to show. Check out Tabitha, the new site mascot. :-D


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