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Yes, there certainly is a wide variety of stuff we come across in Furry Fandom. Things like… Forest of Love. It’s a new on-line game of a decidedly Adults-Only nature, currently being developed by Carrot and Vixel. A young raccoon fella, new in the forest, gets to meet all the neighbors… and find out just what they’re into… Visit their web site to try the demo game, find out how to join their Patreon, and check out other ways to get involved. They even have an available option to code your own custom character into the game!

image c. 2019


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I didn't expect to see this here but I noticed the screenshot and thought it looked familiar. I played the demo version. It was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing a full game.

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I hang out in Carrot's stream sometimes; even got the chance to give feedback as the main character's design came together. There's a fearsome amount of art assets for one person to do, but hopefully it'll all work out. He has some experience with Neopets, after all!

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Carrot is an awesome artist... came from humble beginnings I believe.
Further proof that art is a learnable skill.

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