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January 2008

"Friends of Snuffy" Animal Costume Dance Fundraiser featuring DJ Logic

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Come dressed as your favorite pet pal and join "Friends of Snuffy" January 30th 8pm at Don Hills 511 Greenwich St. NYC for a fund-raiser to help animals in need.

First prize is 2 nights stay and dinner at the exclusive Emerson Resort and Spa ( ). Please go to for more info and to buy your tickets on line!

Yiff! musical adds new characters and songs for Jan/Feb '08 reading

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In-development musical Yiff! is adding additional characters and songs for its next showcase reading at the Kings Head Theatre, London, UK on 28 January and 3 February 2008.

Among the additions are characters called Cyaneus (a Wyvern), Robodog, RaccoonBoy, ishi_qweek (a dolphin) and Samba, a lion cub. [1].

New songs include The Ultimate Yiff, Furmeet, Perfect Oblivion, The Foxman Cometh and Never Gonna Happen.

ANTHRO 15: It's alive! It's *alive*!! IT'S ALIVE!!!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here to let you know that ANTHRO #15 is up on the net for your reading pleasure! Our cover this time is HIGH PRIEST DOMIN, by Carmen Welsh. You may recall that Welsh wrote WHITE MINISTRANT in #12; who knew she could also draw? *She* did -- and now, all of ANTHRO's readers will know, too!

Some advice about Norovirus for convention visitors

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What is Norovirus and why the concern?

As some of you may already know, there have been various outbreaks of Norovirus, commonly known as stomach-flu, that seems to have spread pretty quickly. Hospitals from Boston, to New Zealand to England have been reporting outbreaks, and this years strain seems to be pretty active. Catching the Norovirus can lead to some acute stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhoea for a few days. With so many people travelling from around the world to visit conventions, it's moderately likely someone will bring the Norovirus with them. Norovirus infections can spread quickly in mostly closed environments such as cruise ships and convention hotels, so there are some preventative steps that can be taken.

ConFuzzled sells out, as Eurofurence 14 opens its doors

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Eurofurence e.V.

ConFuzzled organizers were celebrating last night, as the newly-minted UK convention sold its last ten spaces.[1] The event is scheduled for June 20-23 at the Manchester International Youth Hostel, which holds 144 attendees, including 16 staff and 47 sponsors.[2] Most were charged £170 [US$340] (£210 for sponsors),[3] £135 of which covered YHA costs,[4] though the price was £10 lower for the first eight weeks.

Demand was even higher for rooms at late August's Eurofurence 14, which opened registration this Sunday.[5] Badge numbers over 600 were issued in the first 3 hours of registration, and a total of 760 had registered to pay by Wednesday morning.[6]

AAE bans Softpaw from Further Confusion 2008 over legal fears

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Softpaw #2, the previous edition of Softpaw Magazine, was banned from Eurofurence over similar concerns.

Further Confusion's governing organization Anthropomorphic Arts and Education (AAE) has banned the sale of erotic cub fanzine Softpaw Magazine at this year's event, making it the second major convention to ban the work.[1]

The decision was based on a rule banning "[depictions of] minor[s] engaging in sexually explicit conduct", which AAE added due to the prosecution of Dwight Whorley for receiving lolicon over the Internet.[2] Softpaw and its supporters maintain that, as furries are not humans but anthropomorphic animals, laws covering the sexual relation of humans do not apply.[3][4][5]

Some assumed AAE's decision was made partly on moral grounds, while others thought they were making a definitive statement about the legality of Softpaw and similar works.[5] The board later posted a statement denying both of these, emphasizing that the risk and consequences of legal action - regardless of its success - were the sole reason for their ban.[6]

2007 Ursa Major Award nominations open

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Nominations for the 2007 Ursa Major Awards are now open.[1] The awards celebrate the best anthropomorphic art and literature first published during a particular year.

The awards are selected through a two-stage process of nomination and voting. Members of the public send in up to five nominations in each of the ten categories. The top nominations in each category are then presented for a public vote.