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Yiff! musical adds new characters and songs for Jan/Feb '08 reading

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In-development musical Yiff! is adding additional characters and songs for its next showcase reading at the Kings Head Theatre, London, UK on 28 January and 3 February 2008.

Among the additions are characters called Cyaneus (a Wyvern), Robodog, RaccoonBoy, ishi_qweek (a dolphin) and Samba, a lion cub. [1].

New songs include The Ultimate Yiff, Furmeet, Perfect Oblivion, The Foxman Cometh and Never Gonna Happen.

Some parts in this reading are being cast with new actors. Glen Joseph joins the cast as Russ/RedFox this time around, with Anthony Flaum taking over as Gr1z and Ido Gonen playing all the new characters.


  1. Yiff! The Musical character page - Yiff the Musical character page


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