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April 2008

$5 discount on BDB books at FurPlanet

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Bad Dog Books and FurPlanet are proud to announce that all BDB books, including Kamui's new full-color art tutorial Work In Process, will be discounted by $5 until the end of April.

The BDB catalog on FurPlanet can be browsed here:

Furry novelist aims to break into mainstream

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As reported in a recent press release, Ben Goodridge is making efforts to expand the audience for his 2007 novel White Crusade (Bad Dog Books).

Important FC 2009 Hotel News - DoubleTree Sold Out

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The demand for rooms at our convention hotel for FC2009 has been
unprecedented this year. Not only unprecedented for FC but for the
Doubletree as well. They have never had an event of our size sell out as
quick. Our 8 suites sold out in under 10 minutes and the Exec level floors
in a shade over 10 hours. The bulk of the other rooms in the hotel went in
under 72 hours, and we actually determined that we'd sold out for sure
Monday afternoon. There is no chance of an expansion of our block at the
DoubleTree because, quite simply, there are no more rooms to be had.

For folks that did not get what they want, our deepest regrets. Our hotel
staff is doing their best to help as many people as possible.

FC2009 April Newsletter

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In this issue:

1. Hotel News
2. Costume Con Party
3. Pre Registration
4. Get Involved!
5. FC09 Video Room wants you!
6. Next staff meeting

Upcoming furry comics for May 2008 (Previews only)

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Nothing exciting this month, I'd say, except the marginally furry Girl Genius collection from Airship Entertainment, my Pick of the Month. There's also a gn from Aurora Publishing if you're into pint-sized human cats. Pint-sized human cats! Pint-sized human cats!

Major furry storage facility suffers downtime, data loss

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Update: The Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, and for the Furry Costume Information Exchange have been restored.

A RAID storage facility holding data and code for several furry sites has failed, leading to downtime and uncertainty over their recovery.[1]

Sites known to be affected center around the Florida Furs, and include the Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, the Furry Costume Information Exchange (hosting the FURSUIT mailing list and an archive of fursuit-related stories), JR's Poinkcasts (also available elsewhere),[2] and resources for furry ham radio enthusiasts.

IRC server is also affected. As it was the provider of IRC services for the Anthrochat network, channel and nickname registrations may be lost. The network itself remains online, and a temporary replacement is in place on another server.