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Rocket City FurMeet 11 cancelled for second time

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On May 2, Rocket City FurMeet CEO KO announced that RCFM 2014 was likely to be cancelled for a second year running. This follows last year's cancellation due to full-face masks not being allowed at the intended hotel.

KO reported that the replacement venue, the Amberley Suites Hotel in Decatur, Alabama, had had a water pipe freeze and break in January, flooding a large part of the building and leaving damage severe enough to render it unusable. RCFM staff were not informed of this development until early April. The hotel did shut down its room reservation system, but RCFM were not told about this either.

RCFM staff have spent the past month discussing other possibilities, such as holding the event at a campground or renting an unconventional arena space, but have been unable to come up with a realistic plan for hosting RCFM this year. They have also had discussions on whether they should simply end RCFM for good, closing the corporate entity and cancelling their 501(c)7 filing. KO stated, "I don't like the idea of never bringing the whole Family back together again, but two years of constant struggle simply to find a hotel we can afford has been very tiring on all of the Staff involved."

RCFM 2013 launch mission postponed; GoH info

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The RCFM flight normally scheduled for Memorial Day weekend has been postponed to a launch date window of June 14-16, 2013. In addition, the launch pad where RCFM can be found has also been relocated to Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. This is at the Huntsville Airport, so no need of a shuttle! All attendees will be entitled to "Free Parking" for this event.