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Rocket City FurMeet 11 cancelled for second time

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On May 2, Rocket City FurMeet CEO KO announced that RCFM 2014 was likely to be cancelled for a second year running. This follows last year's cancellation due to full-face masks not being allowed at the intended hotel.

KO reported that the replacement venue, the Amberley Suites Hotel in Decatur, Alabama, had had a water pipe freeze and break in January, flooding a large part of the building and leaving damage severe enough to render it unusable. RCFM staff were not informed of this development until early April. The hotel did shut down its room reservation system, but RCFM were not told about this either.

RCFM staff have spent the past month discussing other possibilities, such as holding the event at a campground or renting an unconventional arena space, but have been unable to come up with a realistic plan for hosting RCFM this year. They have also had discussions on whether they should simply end RCFM for good, closing the corporate entity and cancelling their 501(c)7 filing. KO stated, "I don't like the idea of never bringing the whole Family back together again, but two years of constant struggle simply to find a hotel we can afford has been very tiring on all of the Staff involved."

All systems . . . no! Rocket City FurMeet 11 postponed to 2014 over TSA mask rules

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RCFM 11 banner with facemask crossed outRocket City FurMeet, Huntsville, Alabama's annual furry convention, was scheduled to be held this year over June 14-16, at the Four Points by Sheraton at Huntsville Airport.

On Friday, however, RCFM board member Bunny Halberd announced that the convention was being postponed to 2014. According to the explanation posted on RCFM's website, late in 2012 the RCFM Board agreed to host the convention at the Huntsville Airport Sheraton in 2013. Unfortunately, the hotel did not fully understand what type of convention RCFM is — and the Board did not realise that the entire hotel is under the control of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

RCFM 2013 launch mission postponed; GoH info

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The RCFM flight normally scheduled for Memorial Day weekend has been postponed to a launch date window of June 14-16, 2013. In addition, the launch pad where RCFM can be found has also been relocated to Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. This is at the Huntsville Airport, so no need of a shuttle! All attendees will be entitled to "Free Parking" for this event.

FA: United attains landmark attendance, bacon consumption

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FA: United may have skipped a year, but it's clearly not done any harm, with a one-third rise in attendance and nearly triple the fursuit turnout.

500 pieces of bacon were provided for registration, but the final figure exceeded that by 10. The convention raised $2458 for the New Jersey SPCA.

Combination anime/furry/steampunk event NakamaCon was also held for the first time this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, drawing somewhat less than 400 attendees. Huntsville's Rocket City FurMeet attracted 328 – a slight fall from last year, but they got good press.

Omaha furs explain fursuiting to local media

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Omaha's fursuiters have been spotted by the local media. Naturally, their first instinct was to consult a psychiatrist for an evaluation of the furs' sexual proclivities.

Despite that, the tone was positive; several fans were quoted, including Snap E. Tiger:

Some people play tennis for fun. Some people go golfing. Some people go to bars and they drink a lot of beer. Some people even take drugs. Instead of all those things, we decide to put on costumes.

Mentioned in passing was Rocket City FurMeet, held this weekend in Huntsville, Alabama.

Update: Check out the video on furrymedia

Rocket City Round-Up -- February 2009 Edition

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 10:58 PM
(Better late than never!)

Rocket City FurMeet: Magnificent 7
May 22-24, 2009

~ RCFM is OFFICIALLY a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Fraternal Organization now! ~

Hey Y'all,

We are Officially Official now!

It's taken a couple of years to complete, but RCFM is now a 501(c)7 classified Non-profit organization. It's something we've always wanted to do, though we orginally toyed with the idea of filing as a 501(c)3, which is a Charitable Organization.

RCFM Registration is Now Open!

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We now have the Registration Page up on the RCFM website, so stop by and check it out today! -->

You save money by pre-registering, but did you know you could also save money as a Predator? Just register with your prey and bring them to RCFM. It'll save you $5 off your reg! And yes, the rumor is true - You can attend for free if you bring in 7 prey!

RCFM May Newsletter - Only 3 weeks to GO!

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Issue 8, Vol. I
May, 2008

Hey Y'all,

It's been an eventful month, in many different ways. I have good news, bad new, and just plain news.

Rocket City FurMeet - August Newsletter

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Hey Y'all!

The August 2007 issue of the RCFM newsletter is now available!

Main Site:

Backup Site:

We hope to see everyone who's able to make it for -=RCFM Deep Six=- in May, 2008!

Head Cat
Rocket City FurMeet

Rocket City FurMeet chairman injured, donations sought

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On the evening of Monday, June 4, 2007, KO, the chairman of Rocket City FurMeet was helping a friend move a washer on some stairs. The washer tipped over and fell, taking KO with it,[1] breaking both of his wrists and his scapula. As of this writing, he is at Crestwood Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama having undergone surgery to repair some of the damage.[2]

It is unclear how much of KO's medical care will be covered by insurance, and he will definitely be out of work while he recuperates. To help bridge the gap, Alexander Katz is collecting donations via PayPal. Alexander is also inviting comments and get-well wishes to pass along to KO.[3]

Rocket City FurMeet posts 40% growth, security insurrection removes chairman

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Rocket City FurMeet Sci-Five

Huntsville, Alabama - The fifth annual Rocket City FurMeet held here over the weekend posted a 40% growth in attendance, going from 229 to 332 attendees and moving to the ninth largest furry convention.

The weekend was oriented around "fur, food, and fun" in a relaxed environment, with a range of activities from fursuit games to panels to computer gaming to extensive Second Life programming. Guests of honor included AnimeCat, Robert and Margaret Carspecken, and Jeff Goode, and the panelist of Honor was Commander Kitsune.

Over $2000 was also raised for charity over the weekend, helped by an emotional closing ceremonies where many attendees donated again.

Rocket City Fur Meet! Joining now Means Membership!!

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Federal Communications Network

Join Now!

Rocket City Fur Meet
Sci Five

May 25th to the 27th 2007
Radisson Suites

6000 S. Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, Alabama

Would you like to know more?

RCFM Newsletter

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(This newsletter can be seen in it's HTML entirety at :

The OFFICIAL, one and only, newsletter of
The Rocket City FurMeet (RCFM)

Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, 2007
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
(Earth, Sol, Sector 001, Alpha Quadrant)
• Registration Now Open!
• Check us out on Second Life!
• Programming Up!
• Call for Volunteers!

We have very special guests joining us in Huntsville for our rocket ride this year.

A Christmas surprise from RCFM

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All the staff of Rocket City FurMeet want to wish you the happiest of
holidays this festive season. If you are traveling this holiday
season, travel safely because we look forward to seeing you again in
Huntsville in May.

For a special holiday surprise, visit our website
at !

The RCFM Rocket, May 2006

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The RCFM Rocket
The Official Newsletter of RCFM for May, 2006

- It's Almost Here!
- Registration Deadline
- Hotel Updates
- Dealers Den Updates
- Programming Updates
- Programming Spotlight: 99% Virgin Fur
- Programming Spotlight: Rant with 2
- Art Show Updates
- Call For Volunteers