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NakamaCon cancelled amid setbacks, staff shortages

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NakamaCon mascotSecond-year Wisconsin convention NakamaCon has been cancelled less than three months before launch, according to convention chair Chessie Sutherland. [tip: pmart and SkippyFox]

The replacement website outlines a tale of woe - misprinted flyers, car acccidents, illness, financial shortages and other real life complications:

I realize it is three months from the convention. I know we could make it happen but we'd sacrifice a lot of our own lives to make it work. If any one of these things hadn't happened we might still have a Nakamacon. Collectively, they've led to us being so far behind that recovery is unlikely.

However, the cancellation was followed by allegations by webmaster and payment system maintainer S-Config that Chessie had unilaterally announced her opinion, while local artist Jim Groat claimed the chair "never showed up to any of the meetings."

FA: United attains landmark attendance, bacon consumption

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FA: United may have skipped a year, but it's clearly not done any harm, with a one-third rise in attendance and nearly triple the fursuit turnout.

500 pieces of bacon were provided for registration, but the final figure exceeded that by 10. The convention raised $2458 for the New Jersey SPCA.

Combination anime/furry/steampunk event NakamaCon was also held for the first time this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, drawing somewhat less than 400 attendees. Huntsville's Rocket City FurMeet attracted 328 – a slight fall from last year, but they got good press.