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NakamaCon cancelled amid setbacks, staff shortages

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NakamaCon mascotSecond-year Wisconsin convention NakamaCon has been cancelled less than three months before launch, according to convention chair Chessie Sutherland. [tip: pmart and SkippyFox]

The replacement website outlines a tale of woe - misprinted flyers, car acccidents, illness, financial shortages and other real life complications:

I realize it is three months from the convention. I know we could make it happen but we'd sacrifice a lot of our own lives to make it work. If any one of these things hadn't happened we might still have a Nakamacon. Collectively, they've led to us being so far behind that recovery is unlikely.

However, the cancellation was followed by allegations by webmaster and payment system maintainer S-Config that Chessie had unilaterally announced her opinion, while local artist Jim Groat claimed the chair "never showed up to any of the meetings."

Among other setbacks, the event's artist alley coordinator MoriaCoon withdrew last week after finding her new job required her during the event:

I feel terrible about having to do so, but it was unavoidable. Economic stability has to trump fandom sometimes.

Some former members are considering alternatives on the former event's Facebook page and the Wisconsin Furs FA community.

NakamaCon was first held last May, drawing a crowd of over 370 furry, anime and steampunk fans. This year's event was to take place May 27 in Madison, and had a full artists' alley. Pre-registered members and dealers will be refunded. The Radisson Inn can be contacted at 608-833-0100.


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This is really sad..;w;

NC was my first con. :|

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