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Rocket City Fur Meet! Joining now Means Membership!!

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Rocket City Fur Meet
Sci Five

May 25th to the 27th 2007
Radisson Suites

6000 S. Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, Alabama

Would you like to know more?
We offer the finest digitally programmable bunks in the fleet. As a matter
of fact, our barracks are all suites! Upon receipt of credits totalling $79 per
night, officers like yourselves will be treated to free shuttle service from the
spaceport, your own fridge, microwave and other amenities.

Would you like to know more?

Joining now means membership!

You can join in on several levels. Starting as low as just
$10. Of course there are other levels of participation.

Would you like to know more?

Sky Marshall KO would like to address all hands: Here is new information
about what you can do while you are on leave here.

Dance Contests on Friday and Saturday nights -- both for those who wear
synthetic apparel and those who do not!

The Honored Carspeckens, Robert and Margaret of Faux Pas will be
instructing and entertaining with many panels and events through out
the weekend, showcasing their knowledge of art in many different forms.

The Honored Jeff Goode offers a Radio Play. A performance from one of his
scripts, most likely from Jake Long: American Dragon. There will be casting and a
rehearsal, then we will do a performance. Cast members will read from
the script. So watch the show on the Disney Channel and get familiar
with the characters.

The Honored AnimeCat will be found on the cat walk showing off her
Futuristic swimwear. You can join her with your own version what we will be wearing in
a century or two.

The Honored Commander Kitsune will handling military affairs including
discussions and a ceremony with our Veterans.

This is our Meet's Fifth year and we will be doubling up on some of the
most popular entertainment for double the fun. There will be two events
in which the artists will be given some unique materials and an hour
to construct something.

Both Sub-level 03 and Critical Fail will be offering 2 performances each.
So follow the Bands! If you like the music there will be 3 dances at Rocket
City this year.

"A World that Works"

2nd Life fans will find Hydra of Luskwood at RCFM this year along with a
Meet and Greet also. There is something for everyone. More Fursuit and
Puppetry construction panels, Writing, Musical, Puppetry Unplugged and more
social events too.

"Why We Fight"!

There is our LAN and our Table Top Game Room with contests through out the

There will be more to do than any other year!

Would you like to know more?

Is this not enough information? Ask here:  or

Do Your Part!!

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Life contacts, Web site, Email, Mailing list, Newsgroup or any other source with a need to

5, 4, Ready, Steady, Go!

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