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Rocket City FurMeet posts 40% growth, security insurrection removes chairman

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Rocket City FurMeet Sci-Five

Huntsville, Alabama - The fifth annual Rocket City FurMeet held here over the weekend posted a 40% growth in attendance, going from 229 to 332 attendees and moving to the ninth largest furry convention.

The weekend was oriented around "fur, food, and fun" in a relaxed environment, with a range of activities from fursuit games to panels to computer gaming to extensive Second Life programming. Guests of honor included AnimeCat, Robert and Margaret Carspecken, and Jeff Goode, and the panelist of Honor was Commander Kitsune.

Over $2000 was also raised for charity over the weekend, helped by an emotional closing ceremonies where many attendees donated again.

Staff member X, on whom all problems during the meet are blamed, was Santa Fox, and staff member X for the rest of year was Brody Catsmouth. Tallyhawk was made a lifetime member of the convention due to his many contributions to the con.

During the closing ceremonies, Alexander Katz led an apparent insurrection with his security team against KO, who has led Rocket City Furmeet since its first year. Alex's security forces stormed the room and removed KO along with his top aides, while Alex announced that he had taken control, and that "all attendees were to immediately register for 2008 as Boosters."



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