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Omaha furs explain fursuiting to local media

Edited as of Fri 28 May 2010 - 10:47
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Omaha's fursuiters have been spotted by the local media. Naturally, their first instinct was to consult a psychiatrist for an evaluation of the furs' sexual proclivities.

Despite that, the tone was positive; several fans were quoted, including Snap E. Tiger:

Some people play tennis for fun. Some people go golfing. Some people go to bars and they drink a lot of beer. Some people even take drugs. Instead of all those things, we decide to put on costumes.

Mentioned in passing was Rocket City FurMeet, held this weekend in Huntsville, Alabama.

Update: Check out the video on furrymedia


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It's strange how they mentioned a small con like RCFM instead of FA:U. NJ seems closer to Nebraska then AL is.

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I guess it's just the one that the fursuiters concerned were going to.

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FA:U has happened twice before with a peak attendance of 381 in 2008. RCFM has been going since 2003 and had an attendance of 355 in 2009. So based on the most recent attendance figures from each, they're in the same ballpark. Which is larger this year? I guess we'll find out on Monday.

Just for grins, here's a distance comparison from Omaha, NE according to Mapquest:
NakamaCon, Madison, WI: 429 mi
RCFM, Huntsville, AL: 854 mi
FA:United, Mt Laurel, NJ: 1228 mi

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Ah, okay, thanks. I thought FAU seemed to be a much larger con, I guess that's because of all the advertising on FA... xP

Also, I kinda just looked at a US map to estimate the distances, I didn't actually take the city locations into account.

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I am on staff for RCFM so that's where my heart lies :)

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Not that I have anything against RCFM, of course. It is, after all, pretty much 15 minutes away for me. ^^

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well heck yah! i've been doing the charity auction and variety show there for 3 years now. its a long 14 hour drive but I love the staff there... they are great people to work with

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