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RCFM Registration is Now Open!

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We now have the Registration Page up on the RCFM website, so stop by and check it out today! -->

You save money by pre-registering, but did you know you could also save money as a Predator? Just register with your prey and bring them to RCFM. It'll save you $5 off your reg! And yes, the rumor is true - You can attend for free if you bring in 7 prey! (Please note that Predators must have attended RCFM in one of the previous 6 years and prey must not have attended before.)

This is the year we get to check out the great big (and brand new) Embassy Suites hotel in Huntsville, AL, that we're moving into! We posted some great pictures of the new place on Dec. 2nd on the RCFM LJ. Check it out! -->

We look forward to seeing y'all here on May 22-24th, 2009. It's going to be the biggest and best year ever! ;)

Rocket City FurMeet


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