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Rick Griffin

The Mouse That Whirrrrred

Multiple Ursa Major Award winner Rick Griffin recently self-published the novel Ani-Droids, a radical re-imagining of his popular science fiction novel Argo from 2011. “In violation of the will of the Collective, Mira McAllister set out to create a new breed of ani-droids that can think for themselves. But when she discovers a mouse-droid with unusual quirks to her programming — and darker secrets besides — she may have set in motion an accidental rebellion… The Collective must not find out. But the Collective is every other ani-droid on Earth.” Ani-Droids is available now in e-book, paperback, and Kindle editions.

image c. 2023 by Rick Griffin

RCFM 2013 launch mission postponed; GoH info

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The RCFM flight normally scheduled for Memorial Day weekend has been postponed to a launch date window of June 14-16, 2013. In addition, the launch pad where RCFM can be found has also been relocated to Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. This is at the Huntsville Airport, so no need of a shuttle! All attendees will be entitled to "Free Parking" for this event.

Opinion: Short Story author comparison

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Isiah takes a closer, in-depth look at his recent reviews.

Video review: 'Ten-Thousand Miles Up', by Rick Griffin

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Isiah reviews Ten-Thousand Miles Up, Rick Griffin's space pirate opera.

Interview: Rick Griffin on 'Ten-Thousand Miles Up'

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Griffin about his latest novella Ten-Thousand Miles Up. My questions and comments are not to be taken seriously.

Ten-Thousand Miles Up cover

Isiah Jacobs: Welcome back, Mr. Griffin! It's a pleasure to have you on the show again!

Rick Griffin: Thank you for having me

Isiah Jacobs: Just so you know, if you come back five times, you get a free coffee mug, so make sure you have my producer stamp your card before we're done.

For starters, you lied to me, sir! Last time you were here, I asked you if you had any other projects in the works, and you didn't even mention this story! What gives?

Rick Griffin: Well I first wrote this story back in 2010 and for a long time I hadn't had any plans on updating and releasing it.

Isiah Jacobs: So then why did you decide to release it? Trying to get your claws on another award for next year?