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The RCFM Rocket, May 2006

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The RCFM Rocket
The Official Newsletter of RCFM for May, 2006

- It's Almost Here!
- Registration Deadline
- Hotel Updates
- Dealers Den Updates
- Programming Updates
- Programming Spotlight: 99% Virgin Fur
- Programming Spotlight: Rant with 2
- Art Show Updates
- Call For Volunteers


Are you as excited as we are? Rocket City Furmeet: The 4th Dimension
is almost here! Your staffers are busy preparing for another great
year of RCFM here in the Rocket City, and we sure do have a lot of fun
in store for you in less than a month!


"Time keeps on slippin' into the future..."

Registration: Pre-registration for Rocket City Furmeet 4 closes at
Midnight on May 21st, 2006, so be sure to get those pre-registration
in soon! Remember, you can get a single-day membership for $15.00, an
attending level for $30.00, a sponsoring membership for $40.00, a
super-sponsoring membership for $70.00 and our top of the line booster
membership for $140.00.

Don't forget about our PREDATOR and PREY discounts. If you are a
returning RCFM attendee who is bringing one or more people who are
attending RCFM for the first time, you can get discounts off your
membership of $5 per attendee!

To pre-register for Rocket City Furmeet: The Fourth Dimension, head on
over to our website:


Now is the time to book your hotel room. Rocket City Furmeet will once
again be back at the Radisson Suites Hotel on Memorial Parkway in
Huntsville. Almost all of the rooms in the hotel are mini-suites,
meaning they consist of two separate rooms with closing doors between
and a fold-out sofa bed in addition to the regular bedroom. A few of
them are larger suites, but they're limited in number so get your
reservations in early. They also all have a bar-sink, microwave, small
refrigerator, and a second TV in the bedroom. The hotel has a choice
of double beds or Queen size beds, and also a choice of smoking or
non-smoking rooms. The RCFM reserve block price will be $69 per room,
per night, plus tax, for 2006, the same as last year.

To book your room, you can book online by visiting the hotel online at or by contacting the hotel directly at
256-882-9400. More information can be found at


RCFM's enlarged dealers den is now SOLD OUT! Guests at Rocket City
Furmeet this year can look forward to 31 tables of dealers in our new
and improved dealers den.


The RCFM schedule is now up and online, and can be viewed at Our Magical Programming Jaguar is
still accepting last minute programming suggestions or ideas, so if
you've always wanted a chance to run programming at a convention, you
can contact him at


1:00 p.m. Dogwood Hosted by Alexander Katz, Chakawolf, and KO

This your first convention? Your first Furry con? Perhaps looking to
get more fun out of being here? Then check this panel out and learn
how to get more out of being here.


10:00 a.m. Magnolia Hosted by 2, The Ranting Gryphon

2 makes this look so easy doesn't he? Here is your chance to rant with
The Gryphon. Be sure to attend 2 Early 2 Rant this morning to get some
inside pointers unless you are confident in your skills on stage. Just
remember that 2 will be allowed to shoot you down for any bad rants.
If nothing else, get some feedback after your stint on stage from the
master himself.


There is still space available in the Rocket City Furmeet art show. If
you have prints, pictures, drawings, paintings, etchings, sculpture,
or any other artwork you want to show and sell at RCFM, you should
definitely take a few moments to check out out website at for more information and contact the
Art Show Raven if you have any questions.


It takes a lot of work to make RCFM happen and we all appreciate
whatever help we can find. We have lots of positions in the meet where
we need additional help, including security, gophers, morning furs,
and game masters to run roleplaying games. Oh, and did we mention the
rewards? Check out the website at
for information on lending a paw at Rocket City Furmeet IV.

Rocket City Furmeet: The 4th Dimension
March 26-28, 2006
Radisson Suites Hotel
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

"It's about time! It's about space! It's about some furs in the craziest place!"


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Yes, I know it said "March" at the bottom of the newsletter, but surely you all know that RCFM is MAY 26-28, 2006? Surely?!

Oh, and if you book online you can get your room at the hotel for $66 a night. Check for more details.

That's all. ;)


Rocket City FurMeet

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