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Rocket City FurMeet chairman injured, donations sought

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On the evening of Monday, June 4, 2007, KO, the chairman of Rocket City FurMeet was helping a friend move a washer on some stairs. The washer tipped over and fell, taking KO with it,[1] breaking both of his wrists and his scapula. As of this writing, he is at Crestwood Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama having undergone surgery to repair some of the damage.[2]

It is unclear how much of KO's medical care will be covered by insurance, and he will definitely be out of work while he recuperates. To help bridge the gap, Alexander Katz is collecting donations via PayPal. Alexander is also inviting comments and get-well wishes to pass along to KO.[3]


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  2. "We Take Care of Our Own" in Kiran Lightpaw's LiveJournal
  3. Posting by Alexander Katz in the RCFM LiveJournal community


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