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Windsor citizens rally after man charged with dog abuse

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A Windsor man has been arrested and charged with causing unnecessary pain, injury or suffering to an animal after a dog, Tyson, was found lying in the grass with severe genital injuries, and later euthanized. A condom was tied around the dog's penis with an inner-tube.

Local citizens rallied in red shirts with their dogs (and a few cats) to protest the abuse. News reports say at least 350 attended, but local fur RingtailedFox (operator of VOM-DT) said there had to be at least 1200, noting that all riverfront parking lots were at capacity:

Even people in apartment buildings brought their hamsters and goldfish to the windows, and people beeped their horns in their cars.

A Facebook group, Windsor dog abuser sought, had almost 7,000 members at press time.

The dog's alleged owner, Anjalo Abeywickrema, was on parole for involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.


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That's not nearly enough punishment.

I say we do the same to him and euthanize him. Only fair.

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wtf T.T

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I think the humie is just upset cause he'll never get to use the condom the way it's supposed to be used...

Don't take it out on the dog just cause he gets more tail then you asshole.

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Sadly, this type of crap is all-too-common in the infected boil on the ass of Ontario that is known as the City of Windsor. Most people here are uneducated (read: less than grade 10 education), and they tend to think things like "hey, we just finished our 12-hour shift at the Chrysler Minivan plant... wanna go beat up some gays or animals?"

bullies here tend to run in packs, and thugs are rarely caught or punished... even the police aren't exactly reliable, either...either overburdened from the high crime rate, or constantly catching their own officers committing crimes. Yes, mob mentality is returning to Windsor. there have already been protests in front of the provincial court house (where the police told the people they can protest at the riverfront again, because they were blocking the street)... and there are plans to take the march to Queens' Park in Toronto to pressure the provincial government to have stiffer animal cruelty laws.

Though, some people in Windsor are outraged that people are pissed about animals being hurt or killed, but not about all the child abuse and child murder that goes on in Windsor... as if we care more about animals than people (which is not true, we're sickened by both, but no one seems to listen to the protesters on either cause).

Local Members of Parliament Brian Masse (NDP, Windsor-West) and Joe Comartin (NDP, Windsor-St. Clair) are proposing a bill for far stiffer penalties on the federal level for animal abuse, as well as declaring all animals as "sentient beings", but are doubtful it will pass.

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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call me harsh, but until animals have rights protecting them that meet or exceed what humans are given in the form of laws, I don't really care about what goes on with humans related to them.

A husky in canada "killed" a kid recently, and they already want (or have) the dogs head on a euthaniza platter.

How does a system where you could kill the kid, plead insanity and live out the rest of your life in a country club prison make sense while a animal who as such breaks wind near a kid/person gets a immediate left paw treatment (common injection point on dogs for euthaniza)? (research the story about the guy in canada who beheaded someone on a greyhound bus, he's pretty much off scot free)

I still think of the time I saw a german shepherd puppy laying dead in the gutter along steeles avenue near the outskirts of toronto. was scooped up and thrown away like a tim hortons cup next to him.

If a baby had been near the puppy, the wailing would echo to the south/north poles and back, man hunts as far as saturn would be taking place, but the puppy isn't getting any justice at all.

This is when you have issues as a society. Many species vanish forever day after day (heaven knows what is lost in the gulf oil spoil) but more importance is placed on some human....

The day the world loses all it's species is the day I no longer want to be on this planet. I can barely tolerate people as it is, animals make life magical and more worth living....

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to expand a little on the husky "killing" recently also, I seriously question if maybe that is used as a excuse for something the parents/caretaker did. Shake your kid to death or whatever, then eyeball the dog as the judge,jury, and executioner? How is the dog going to talk? Perfect scape goat for your lack of parenting....

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