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Submissions Needed for New Albedo

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Benn Dunn posted the following on "Just wanted to let anyone interested to know that an open submission call is out for a new ALBEDO ANTHROPOMORPHICS mangazine."

Furry Novel Lists

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Another furry novel list has recently made its debut on the web. The new Furry Book List is maintained by Xenia Arrick, aka Swandog.

The original, of course, is the Furry Novel List originally created by Dan Lorey and currently maintained by Dave Farrance (this is the one that gets posted to and a couple of other newsgroups twice a month).

Name of Proposed Moderated Newsgroup Announced

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Kay Shapero announced on that the name of the proposed moderated newsgroup will be rec.arts.anthropomorphic.

Voting on the name of the newsgroup closed March 6, with a total of 55 votes. The votes were distributed as follows:

Name For New Moderated Newsgroup

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Kay Shapero announced on plans to reintroduce the RFD for the new moderated anthro/furry newsgroup. The first step in the process is to decide on a name for it. Anyone interested should send email to with the subject line "Vote", and indicate their preference of;

  • rec.arts.furry

  • rec.arts.anthropomorphic

All votes should be in by March 6.