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Submissions Needed for New Albedo

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Benn Dunn posted the following on "Just wanted to let anyone interested to know that an open submission call is out for a new ALBEDO ANTHROPOMORPHICS mangazine."
There are two catogories that you can submit material to:

1. ERMA FELMA, EDF stories continuity. Steve will write but artists are wanted to do stories. I can send model sheets to anyone interested.

2. Original material. Short stories, one page gags or serialized stories are wanted that are furry in nature but must be G to PG-13 (No hardcore sex or violence please). Serial stories must have at least 3 chapters completed before publication. Please keep chapters at a maximum of 12 pages and minimum of 4.

Send all NON-retunable material to:

Ben Dunn
c/o Sentai Studios
4518 Grantham
Garland, Texas

or fax to:


or e-mail at:

Thanks for your attention. Please e-mail me for any questions you may have.

Ben Dunn


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Cool! One of my favorites is coming back. I can't wait to see it.

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I definitely would want to see Gallacci's own take on this. Admittedly, having him only write can speed up the story; but I'd find very few who could do his universe justice (and I don't mean as in apeing his style).

But calling it "Albedo Anthropomorphics Mangazine" is a near-guarantee to kill it. It's not manga, so some original fans may not pick it up; and it's not manga, so the manga fans won't either...

I see it as a slightly more art-intensive Refractions... :)


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