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Name of Proposed Moderated Newsgroup Announced

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Kay Shapero announced on that the name of the proposed moderated newsgroup will be rec.arts.anthropomorphic.

Voting on the name of the newsgroup closed March 6, with a total of 55 votes. The votes were distributed as follows:

  • 31 for rec.arts.anthropomorphic (56%)
  • 18 for rec.arts.furry (33%)
  • 5 for rec.arts.anthropomorphics (9%)
  • 1 for rec.arts.anthropomorphic.animals (2%)

The proposed newsgroup currently has two moderators; PeterCat and Allen Kitchen. At least one more moderator will be needed, as well as a site to host the newsgroup. Recommendations should be posted to or emailed to Kay Shapero at

Further updates on the status of the proposal may be found at until the issuance of the RFD, and thereafter as allowed by usenet.


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Correction: Kay Shapero's email address appeared incorrectly in the above article. The correct email address is

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