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'Top Cat' theatrical feature coming August 2

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Frame from 'Top Cat' Was Hanna-Barbera’s Top Cat ever one of your favorite TV cartoons? It wasn’t one of mine, even in its original broadcast fifty-plus years ago – and there wasn’t much competition at the time.

Yet I am looking on this new theatrical feature more favorably. Thank Roscoe it hasn’t been given the CGI makeover that Yogi Bear got! Or Rocky & Bullwinkle, or the live-action makeover of George of the Jungle or Dudley Do-Right. (Can you imagine a live-action Top Cat played by Brendan Fraser?)

Animation: 'Shave It' presents a surrealistic story of environmental revenge.

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The Cartoon Brew presents the 4'11" “Shave It”, from the Buenos Aires CGI 3dar Studios, directed by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso.

A monkey whose jungle home is destroyed by humans, shaves his fur off, puts on clothes, and passes as human in the big city. He rises to the corporate top, and then takes his environmentalist revenge. The brightly-colored, ultra-stylistic design makes this a humorous cautionary parable rather than a horror story.

Photo: Ferrets in the pool

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Ferrets in the pool

Argentine furry fan Ferrets flings his hair at Animales Sueltos (credit: con staff - more).

This year's event, held in Mar del Plata, attracted 31 campers — 11 more than 2009.

Purple Polar Bear?

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The Mendoza, Argentina zoo has a purple polar bear for about a month thanks to a medication for dermatitis. [Details]