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Beasts of Burden

Upcoming furry comics for May 2016

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Just a reminder, but Free Comic Book Day is May 7. In the meantime, here's a list of comic books you'll have to pay for!

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Dogs (and Cats) vs. Dark Powers

In 2005 Evan Dorkin (writer) and Jill Thompson (artist) won an Eisner Award for their original comic book series Beasts of Burden, about a haunted small town and the local dogs and cats who do nightly battle with the deadly forces of evil trying to invade.  Now comes the brand-new Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers, a one-shot full-color comic designed to introduce new readers to the animals of Burden Hill and their struggles. This time around, our furry heroes discover that a friendly half-werewolf might just be more help than they bargained for. Hunters and Gatherers will be available at comic book stores this March, from Dark Horse Press.

image c. 2014 Dark Horse Press

Review: 'Beasts of Burden'

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Beasts of BurdenIt starts light-heartedly enough. Take your basic haunted house story, only do it with dogs investigating a haunted doghouse. And slowly, gradually, the stories get darker.

Burden Hill would appear to be your everyday, quiet suburb, except... things... are starting to happen, and while the local humans haven't noticed anything yet, the local dogs certainly have.

Beasts of Burden is basically a series of comic books about canine paranormal investigation. (Plus a couple of cats.) The writing by Evan Dorkin manages to be fun and ominous at the same time, and he gives the dogs distinct personalities in a way that feels very believable. The artwork by Jill Thompson is rendered in excellent watercolors, and generates just the right atmosphere.

Dark Horse's 'Beasts of Burden' comic book to become animated feature

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Beasts of BurdenCartoon Brew has announced that Dark Horse’s Beasts of Burden comic book by Evan Dorkin (writer) and Jill Thompson (artist) is being developed into a CGI animated feature film by the Reel FX Creative Studios in Los Angeles and Dallas. The feature is to be written by Darren Lemke, directed by Shane Acker (director of darkly depressing post-Apocalypse animated feature 9), and co-produced by Reel FX’s Aron Warner and Dark Horse’s publisher Mike Richardson and Andrew Adamson of Strange Weather Films (director of the first two Shrek and first two Chronicles of Narnia movies).

While the history of animated feature films is replete with movies featuring talking dogs and other animals, there are relatively few starring four-legged “natural” dogs (Disney’s Lady and the Tramp and Amblimation’s Balto come to mind), and virtually none with serious suspense/horror plots.

Upcoming furry comics for October 2010 (Previews only)

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This is another good month for furry stuff beyond the usual periodical pamphlets. The Saga of Rex is the standout but there’s plenty more, including a couple of interesting comic strip collections.

Upcoming furry comics for December 2009 (Previews only)

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Nothing special this month, which may be why I'm two weeks late posting this. (Though Zuma addition is a likelier reason.) I got the four anthologies with the *Beasts of Burden* stories from the library; pretty good. Maybe they'll extract them into a collection; I'd buy it.

Upcoming furry comics for November 2009 (Previews only)

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Mostly the usual this month, but *Dead Duck* looks funny.

Upcoming furry comics for October 2009 (Previews only)

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Nothing special this month. Piles of stuff from Boom!, none looking exceptional.

Upcoming furry comics for September 2009 (Previews only)

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Owing to bankruptcy of Comics Now!, I've missed a couple of months, but it's back to the furry trenches for July. Next month I try to be timelier.