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Clawcast Episode 5

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A new episode of Clawcast is out for your listening pleasure!

Episode Summary:
In a world where Sibe is in jail, furry fan clubs reign, Drakenbytes are a beloved cereal of doom, and furry conventions are terrifying, there is a podcast. That podcast is Clawcast, and this is the sixth episode. After your news brief on the furry fandom, Flain, Scry, and Zim return to discuss online furry social groups and what is so great or...terrifying...about them.

Links: (warning, adult content)

Clawcast Podcast Club Stripes Interview

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Clawcast is at it again with an interview to hold you over until the infamously anticipated "What is Furry?" episode to be released next week.

Episode Summary:

Join Clawcast in the second episode, an extensive interview with artists Midori and Daria McGrain from the pay site Club Stripes. Includes a discussion of what kind of work goes into a pay site, a brief history of the site's creation, opinions on online art piracy, and advice for those interested in starting their own pay sites.


New Furry Podcast Community

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Hello furry rascals, vagrants, and the downright crazy! There is a new furry podcast on the horizon starring Flain Falcon, Zim Skunk, and Schryari, and our preparations are near completion. It is called Clawcast. This is not just a podcast, however, it is also a community. Come join the forums in anxious anticipation of our first episode.

What makes this podcast different, you ask? You can call in our skype or landline and leave responses to our discussions, tell us about news of interest to the furry community, or yap at us like a rabid chihuahua. If you make a good point, have interesting news, or make yourself entertaining, we may even play your message on the air!

Please mind the dust, as we are still growing and adding more features. For more information, visit our website.