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New Furry Podcast Community

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Hello furry rascals, vagrants, and the downright crazy! There is a new furry podcast on the horizon starring Flain Falcon, Zim Skunk, and Schryari, and our preparations are near completion. It is called Clawcast. This is not just a podcast, however, it is also a community. Come join the forums in anxious anticipation of our first episode.

What makes this podcast different, you ask? You can call in our skype or landline and leave responses to our discussions, tell us about news of interest to the furry community, or yap at us like a rabid chihuahua. If you make a good point, have interesting news, or make yourself entertaining, we may even play your message on the air!

Please mind the dust, as we are still growing and adding more features. For more information, visit our website.


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