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Crush Yiff Destroy

Furry "criticism" site Vivisector unreachable, likely done

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Welp, you didn't find it.

Website and forum devoted to "furry criticism" Vivisector has been unreachable since late June. As of the time of this article's writing, no one involved with maintaining the site has made a public announcement explaining why the site is unreachable, or even acknowledging that it is unreachable.

Two members of the site's Discord chat site, "Infovorr" and "coyotic", confirmed that the site's future is uncertain at best. Infovorr said:

We have no idea, the former owner took everything down and deleted himself from the net.
He said he'd be putting up a tarball of the site and its contents, but no one's seen or heard anything more.

coyotic was slightly more optimistic:

If we can get the database from the the former admin we'll rehost it at the same URL, the forums may or may not be locked forever afterward.

Vivisector has been called an "anti-furry" site by some, though most of the users were themselves furries. Other would call it a "drama" or "criticism" site; the latter being the site's own favored descriptor.

Vivisector claims purchase of Crush Yiff Destroy

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Vivisector, a forum and community blog dedicated to cynical criticism of furry fandom, claims to have purchased similar website Crush Yiff Destroy. While at first the site redirect appeared to be an April Fool's hoax, today's subsequent posting suggests otherwise.

CYD, founded in 2002, gained notoriety for publishing highly critical articles about furry activities and personalities. Few new articles were posted after 2006, but its forums remained moderately active. In October 2007, several regulars left to form Vivisector. pulled from server

Your rating: None has pulled the site from their servers. Viewed just prior to its deletion, the site said it was in violation of the Terms of Service from When the site was checked later in the day it gave a 404 error (site does not exist).


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Crush...Yiff...Destroy is a half-satirical, half-serious look at furry fandom through the filter of 'furry is all about fetish sex'. One article of note is their depiction of Mitch Beiro's 'wedding' to Minerva Mink, as viewed by several Disney animators.