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Crush...Yiff...Destroy is a half-satirical, half-serious look at furry fandom through the filter of 'furry is all about fetish sex'. One article of note is their depiction of Mitch Beiro's 'wedding' to Minerva Mink, as viewed by several Disney animators.


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"Guthrie actually fancied himself as the creator of Lola Bunny, and said as much to anyone who would listen.... However, this simply was not the case. Tony Cervone, employed in the Warner Feature Animation department, did the original character designs for Lola.... Nevertheless, the unfortunate Mr. Guthrie, suffering from his madness, continued to claim that he was indeed the true creator of Miss Bunny. The man's affliction must have been contagious, for many within the furry fandom bought into this absurd notion as well. And still do to this day."

Riiiiight. My mate was LIVING at "Hotel Yorba" when Guthrie CREATED Lola. He was THERE. Maybe Cervone designed the original Daisy Lou, a very uninspiring design who morphed/merged into Lola over time, but Guthrie ultimately breathed life into the character.

Such a spiteful site. I'd waste more time lambasting its self-important procomations of "fact," but I'm afraid it's simply not worth my time.

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go suck a yak

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My my.. such eloquence and intellegence.

Did manawolf hit on a nerve?

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*giggle* As far as ungulates go, horses are more my style, thanks. But since you reccomend the experience from the standpoint of an expert, I'll consider it.

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baaaaahahaa!!! this is priceless.

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I may have missed the satire that's referred to there. From looking through the articles, it appears to be more focused on being rude and obnoxious to certain specific artists, as witnessed by the repeated rude (and, if printed in a more obvious public forum, potentially libelous) references to Eric Schwartz. But I won't get into *that* one.

- tf

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Wow.... First it was the furry fan website and then, and then furrie4jesus... do I sense a trend? A fad? Oh hey, yeah... let's stir up the fandom and see who makes a complete fool of themselves over it. Oh, wait! Nahhh... it's been done before. *puts on the loudspeaker* Clean up, aisle 7.

Eh, well I personally can't get excited about any of it... besides, it needs a better webpage design imho.

(Just goes to show that anyone can buy a domain name for $10 a year, spend a lot of time on "whatever crusade I have today" content, and still, no one will really want to read it... very unlike Flayrah btw.)

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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This kind of thing could be quite funny if the writer actually had any talent for it.

Sadly, this is not the case here. This individual's attempts at satire fall drastically short of the mark and come off as whining, simpering, self-aggrandizing drivel.

I'd postulate he/she was a writer for Saturday Night Live, if I were the uncharitable sort.

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Is it just me, or is that pathetic thing just trying to slap Eric Schwartz with tar?

Can't see any satire or seriousness, by the way. Tastes definitely like an obnoxious piece of negativity, full of false connections and inexplicable mind-reads.

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Where is the site?.

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As odd as it might sound, I think what we have here with this site and others that have come up is simple jealousy. Who ever did this sees artists who are having fun with their characters, placing them in different situations or interacting with the creations of other artists. And they can't stand it.

It looks like the corporate mindset of control and manipulation that has pervaded Disney for years now has infected the perspective of some of the folks who work for it. It must be unsettling to these people to see folks freely creating or encouraging others to experiment similarly.

One might even feel pity for them. I mean, seriously.....stalking Mitch Beiro?

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Did the site get shut down? I get an error message from the ISP hosting that domain that the link is invalid or outdated.

ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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*snort* Apparently, yes. Wow that was short-lived.

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Hah! Must have scared them off.

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Oh well, I didn't get to see it.

Perhaps it's for the better.

But I know why ti was shut down! According to the page it brings you to it was hosted on one of those free servers. If this site was what I think it was, it must have been shut down for copyright violations.

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