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Stealth vs blatant and the "Mouse Problem"; furry coverage in fictional media

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As repeated media victims we furs are always on the lookout for furry references— good, bad or indifferent— on TV and elsewhere. There are two distinct styles in which our fandom is covered: bluntly by name, and more subtly. It’s easy to identify the former, but sometimes it’s more fun when they don’t use the 'F-word' to describe the group in which they are referencing in their content. In those instances, it seems more a stealthy shout-out for our animal-ears only, designed to fly over the head of anyone who doesn’t get it.

Today I wish to go over some of those moments in furry media that seem to hold general fandom idioms and how fun 'situational nuance' can be.

Fursuit protects man struck by vehicle

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A Swiss motorist who thought he struck a dog discovered he had actually hit a man in a dog costume. The victim had earlier attended a stag party and passed out on the road while walking home. He was dragged about 120 feet after being struck but was not seriously injured due to the thick, padded costume.

Full story from Ananova.

Fursuiters on TV (again)

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Oh no.

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' will be running an episode on October 30, 8pm est (CBS) titles (get ready...)

"Fur and Loathing"

Evidently it takes place at a furry con. The preview I saw last night included quite a few fursuiting actors.

I'm hoping against all hope there is a gilmmer of the positive in this, but you and I both know how well popular media has treated us in the past....

mwalimu remarks: Although the episode in question had not aired yet, this is old news to many of us by now, and has been the subject of a thread or two already here on flayrah.

Remember furries on CSI?

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Those of you who remember the article from a short while back discussing an episode of the show CSI that would feature furry fans from our own SoCal group might want to check this out. It seems someone's efforts to give the fandom yet another black eye have sadly succeeded.

Furries on TV

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Like ER a couple of years ago, another popular TV series appears to be planning on using furries in an upcoming episode. CSI is planning an episode involving a murder victim found in a racoon suit who turns out to be 'part of a group of people called "Furries" who dress up for sexual pleasure.'

In addition, it appears that a southern California furry fan by the name of Dark Fox is advising on the script.