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100 dogs slaughtered by failing sled tour business

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Most people love dogs; many would say they're one's best friend. However some exploit animals for profit – and when said animals don't create profit, they perform extremely disturbing actions, often causing harm to the animals.

In a recent story, an owner of a Canadian dog sled tour business did just that, slaughtering 100 magnificent animals over the course of two days.

More details, photos, and a video can be found in the Vancouver Sun's coverage.

Australian Army to Cull 15,000 Kangaroos

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The RSPCA is threatening legal action over a decision by the Defence Department to drastically reduce the kangaroo population at Puckapunyal military training base north of Melbourne.

The base - and the kangaroos living there - are enclosed by an electric fence. Officials have determined that the 36,000 kangaroos have an inadequate food supply and must be culled to prevent starvation. A minimum of 15,000 and as many as 30,000 'roos are to be killed by the end of August. More than 20,000 Eastern Greys were shot at the base last year.

Animal activists acknowledge the need to prevent suffering but are opposed to such massive reductions and point out that the fence is the real problem.

Successful wolves to be culled

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The population of wolves in Kyrgyzstan has grown dramatically in the last decade. Three times as many wolves roam the country as did merely ten years ago. But the State Forestry Service says that's just too many.
The population in Soviet times was a mere 2000, kept down officially and by shepards.
Now the population is much larger and officials says wolves have been moving near humans areas and attacking people and livestock, as well as putting pressure on endangered wildlife.
Restrictions on firearms after violence in the early 1990's means most farmers don't have a gun, but there's a new fund to pay bounty for any hunter who kills one.

Norway wolf hunt over--one survivor

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Some of you may recall our earlier mention of the Norwegian wolf hunt. CNN has a follow-up story. Nine wolves were culled, and a tenth looks to have eluded the hunters.

Norway Set To Kill Most Of Its Wolves

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The New York Times

that Norway plans to kill most of the two dozen wolves
currently living in that country. The wolves have wandered over
from Sweden where they are being reintroduced.
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