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Norwegian magazine Fredag covers furries

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Norweigian magazine Fredag (in today's issue of Dagbladet) has an article about furry fans, with a followup entitled Snakk medd en grevling (Talk to a badger).

The badger concerned is Kal; he and Sayh will be answering readers' questions on Monday.

The full story is in the magazine, but a brief summary [translation] is posted online.

Update: The summary has morphed into the full story, to which Sayh offers some context.

Swedish wolves face cull before mating season

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Scandinavian hunters are looking forward to the chance to bag a wolf, as Sweden prepares to open hunting season on the animals.

The species was encouraged to grow along the border with Norway after numbers fell to a low of 60 in 1999. Since then, their number have increased, and new births are expected to bring the species above the limit of 210 set by parliament.

The increased population risk damage to local dog-owners and reindeer and sheep farmers. But a local conservation society believes the population has yet to recover to a safe level, and has complained to the EU. Supporters originally hoped wolf numbers might reach 500.

The cull will run for over a month, or until the quota of 27 - updated hourly - is met. The creatures are most vulnerable when recent snow allows them to be tracked.

See also: Norway Set To Kill Most Of Its Wolves (January 22, 2001)

Come to Kenya!

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Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya, apparently.

It's more highly addictive flash from the fellows who brought you Weebl and Bob.


Keiko, star of "Free Willy," dies

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Afterposten, among others, is reporting that Keiko, the killer whale star of the 1993 hit movie Free Willy whose horrid living conditions at a Mexico City amusement park reinvigorated the movement for animal rights in the '90s, has died in a fjord off Norway.

Wild wolf seen in Norway

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According to this article, a wolf has been seen in the open in Norway for the first time in "modern times."

It's amazing how often life will find a way.

Penguin Receives Military Honours

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According to this article by the BBC:

Norway has bestowed one of its most prestigious military honours at a ceremony in Edinburgh - on a penguin. The king penguin, known as Nils Olav, has been promoted to the rank of honourable regimental sergeant major. The bird is the first to hold the rank in the Norwegian Army.

Norway wolf hunt over--one survivor

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Some of you may recall our earlier mention of the Norwegian wolf hunt. CNN has a follow-up story. Nine wolves were culled, and a tenth looks to have eluded the hunters.

Norway Set To Kill Most Of Its Wolves

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The New York Times

that Norway plans to kill most of the two dozen wolves
currently living in that country. The wolves have wandered over
from Sweden where they are being reintroduced.
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