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Further Confusion 2012 September Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. Further Confusion Picnic and Campout
2. Calling potential panelists!
3. Convention book call out to artists and writers
4. Furry Market Place spaces still available
5. Next Staff Meeting

Further Confusion 2012 August newsletter

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The Further Confusion campout will be held September 9-11, with the picnic on the 10th. FC: Unleashed! is looking for acts and now has a YouTube channel. Several staff programming lead positions are available, and there are openings in the species-track and ops departments. Art show and Furry Market Place applications are now being accepted. The dealers' room remains full. Con book submissions are open. The next staff meeting is October 15, at 1PM.

Further Confusion 2012 July newsletter

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This FC2012 newsletter announces the Picnic and Campout on the weekend of September 10th and Guests of Honor E.E. Knight and Matthew Ebel (Hali), plus performers Uncle Kage and 2.

Open staff and panelist positions are advertised, with a $50 FC:Unleashed logo contest and a request for con book material. The Dealers Room and its associated waiting list are now closed, but applications for the Furry Market Place will open on or shortly after August 1st.

Further Confusion 2012 June newsletter

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Further Confusion 2012 – to be held at the SJCC – now has a theme (The Infurmary), first guest of honor (E. E. Knight) and featured musician (Travis Ratledge/Colson Grainger).

Pre-registration is open; the dealer room has sold out already. Accepted dealers must send in signature forms and make payment by June 15 or forfeit their place. Furry Market Place spaces will be available from August 1 for $75, including membership.

Hotel rooms are available at the San Jose Marriott and the Hilton San Jose. Each reservation will attract an immediate non-refundable deposit of one night plus tax.

Staff – new or otherwise – are encouraged to check their information on the private site. The next staff meeting is June 11; access to a conference call can be arranged.

Further Confusion 2012 May newsletter

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  1. New Venue, New theme
  2. New Reservation policy and a message from our chair
  3. FC2012 Pre-Registration is Open!  Now Fully Online!
  4. Dealers Room Applications now open!
  5. Hotel reservation time
  6. Next Staff Meeting
  7. For 'would-be' Staff