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Further Confusion 2012 to be held in convention center

Edited as of Sun 23 Jan 2011 - 19:07
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Further Confusion 2011 took place last weekend. Attendance was almost static at 2801, perhaps due to the continued weak state of the economy plus limited room; the Fairmont sold out by October. 477 participated in the fursuit parade, as verified by Flayrah in the dealers' room.

$31,900 was raised by the sale of nearly 500 pieces, in an art auction consisting of almost 1000, while 113 dealers were present in the Den. The show suffered from poor lighting, but con leaders promised this would not be an issue in future years.

As for 2012, the big news is that FC intends to move to the San Jose Convention Center.

Contract negotiation with Team San Jose has secured the weekend of Martin Luther King Day for the next three years. The day is a U.S. federal holiday and an unpopular date for travel, giving con negotiators extra leverage. AAE is also looking into obtaining use of a nearby theater.

Hotels will be changing, and while the 506 rooms in the linked Mariott and the 353 rooms in the Hilton are little more than the 805 in the Fairmont, the board has also obtained rooms normally reserved for airline partners. Other nearby hotels (including the Sainte Claire and perhaps the Fairmont) may also be available for overflow, and some of their rooms may even count towards the convention's room block.

The dealers room is predicted to be 1000–1500 sq. ft. larger, there should be more function space, and complimentary food may also be available. Parking beneath the convention center will be about $10/day, solving a sore point for many attendees; some found themselves shelling out $26/day.

The 2012 convention will be chaired by Bos'n (who also led Further Confusion 2008) with vice-chair SmackJackal. The price of general attendance has risen $5 to cover the increased cost of the event, including accrued inflation over several years.

Update (23 Jan): Final figure for FC 2011 attendance and art show added.


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I think when you're convention is getting big enough to break the elevators, it's time to move.

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Honestly, it doesn't take much - just ~26 people too drunk to realize that piling in all at once isn't a good idea.

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Don't EWI I guess is the lesson here.

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