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Further Confusion 2012 to be held in convention center

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Further Confusion 2011 took place last weekend. Attendance was almost static at 2801, perhaps due to the continued weak state of the economy plus limited room; the Fairmont sold out by October. 477 participated in the fursuit parade, as verified by Flayrah in the dealers' room.

$31,900 was raised by the sale of nearly 500 pieces, in an art auction consisting of almost 1000, while 113 dealers were present in the Den. The show suffered from poor lighting, but con leaders promised this would not be an issue in future years.

As for 2012, the big news is that FC intends to move to the San Jose Convention Center.

Further Confusion 2011 January Newsletter

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1.  Guest of Honor news
2.  Hotel Room Blocks are now Closed
3.  Using Debit Cards at the Hotel for your room
4.  Mini-Bars at the Fairmont
5.  Elevator Etiquette
6.  Dealers Room and Furry Market Place update
7.  Live Animal Events
8.  On-site Gaming
9.  Critterlympics
10. myFurCon
11. A note from our Operations department

FC2011 December newsletter

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Further ConfusionFurther Confusion's latest newsletter covers the closure of pre-registration on December 30, fursuit badge photographs, sign-ups for open mic night and Critterlypmics, and details of the fursuit parade.

While the dealers room is full, a waiting list exists for drop-outs. There are also five spots left for the Furry Market Place. Both close December 15. Existing dealers will receive confirmation at their address of record.

Other topics include con ops recruitment, parking, and the next staff meetings.

Further Confusion 2011 November newsletter

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In this issue of the Further Confusion newsletter:

  1. Hotel Cancellations
  2. Last Chance Convention Book Submissions
  3. The Open Mic
  4. EVE's Karaoke Club
  5. Furry Market Place already at 75% capacity!
  6. Dealer Room Waiting List
  7. Chin-wag Events
  8. Overflow Hotel - The Sainte Claire
  9. Parking at the Fairmont
  10. Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access at the Fairmont
  11. Fursuit Badge submissions ?
  12. Pre-Registration Deadline, December 30th, 2010
  13. AAE now accepting bids to chair FC2012
  14. Next Public Meeting

FC2011 October Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. Fairmont sold out, overflow hotel opening soon
2. Furry Market Place already at 55% capacity!
3. Dealer Room Waiting List
4. Still accepting Con Book submissions
5. Badge Art Wanted!
6. Fursuit Badge submissions
7. Travel Assistance
8. Pre Registration Deadline, December 30th, 2010
10. Next Public Meeting

FC2011 September Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. Convention Dates Changed
2. Furry Market Place already at 50% capacity!
3. Dealer Room Waiting List
4. Panelists and performers wanted for the FC puppet track!
5. Species Track
7. Open Lead Positions for FC 2011
8. Annual Further Confusion camp-out and picnic
9. Next Staff Meeting