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FC2011 December newsletter

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Further ConfusionFurther Confusion's latest newsletter covers the closure of pre-registration on December 30, fursuit badge photographs, sign-ups for open mic night and Critterlypmics, and details of the fursuit parade.

While the dealers room is full, a waiting list exists for drop-outs. There are also five spots left for the Furry Market Place. Both close December 15. Existing dealers will receive confirmation at their address of record.

Other topics include con ops recruitment, parking, and the next staff meetings.

1.  Pre-Registration closing soon!

Pre-registration closes on December 30th at 11:59pm, so don't delay if you haven't registered yet. Mail-in forms should be postmarked by December 30th as well, to give us time to get things entered. All updates and changes need to be received no later than January 5th, 2011.

2.  Fursuit Badge photographs

If you have a fursuit, are pre-registered, and would like a fursuit badge, here's what to do.

Check out <> for what you need to do to get a fursuit badge.

3.  Open Mic Night Sign-ups!

Wanna get up on stage to tell a few jokes or read some poetry or whatever?  We've got the gig for you!  On Friday night we're holding an Open Mic!  Sign up for a 5 - 7 minute time slot early by sending mail to  We'll also be taking sign-ups first-come-first-served at the door!  This event is open to convention members 18 years and older.

4.  Fursuit Parade

Come and join us for the Saturday tradition of the Fursuit Parade where the costumes come to you!  Come and cheer on our costumers as they parade through the convention to show you, our guests, their fantastic creations!  The parade will start at 2:00PM from the Imperial Ballroom.

If you're participating in the fursuit parade for FC2011, staging will start at 1:00PM in the Imperial Ballroom.  Come and get yourself (and your costume) lined up and ready to roll for the parade!  Please try to be here early to help us get the most accurate count of participants as possible and to get a great spot when the parade starts!

5.  Furry Market Place sales close December 15th, 2010! Only 5 spots left!

We have 5 spots left in the Furry Market Place, but sales CLOSE for these spaces on December 15th, 2010. So if YOU want to sell your general audiences wares at Further Confusion 2011, get your application in to us NOW! We will NOT be selling unsold spaces at the convention! Unsold spaces will be removed from the layout or added to the space being used by our charities!

For more information, visit <> today! Applications MUST be sent in by Postal Mail. We do NOT accept applications by email.

6.  Dealer Room Waiting List closes December 15th, 2010!

Yes, there are still people waiting patiently on the Dealer Room Waiting list for their chance at any space that opens up in Further Confusion 2011's Dealer Room through cancellations. But YOU can also be one of those and have an EQUAL chance in the drawing(s) for any space(s) that may open up between December 15th, 2010 and the first day of the convention. Weather, family illness and other situations can always make it so that one of our fine dealers have to choose to cancel their space in the Dealers Room. And if that happens, we turn to those on the Dealer Room Waiting List in a random drawing from all on that list.

So, if you want a CHANCE to get into the main Dealer Room, and don't mind not knowing for sure until what might be the last moment before con, head over to <> and scroll down to the forms area for the link to the Dealer Room Waiting List application. We ONLY accept applications by postal mail! We do NOT accept applications by email.

7.  Special Note to existing Dealers

The first draft of the 'Who Sits Where' list for the Main Dealer Room is now on the website.

Also, our final confirmation postal mailing will go out the week of December 13th. So if you have MOVED and your MAILING address has changed, please EMAIL with your updated postal address. These confirmations only go out by Postal Mail. While the informational letter that goes out will also be made available on the website, your private confirmation will ONLY go out by postal mail.

8.  Con Ops looking for workers

ConOps has the schedule up and as usual has holes in the late night / early am shifts in case you know a night owl or two who are looking for a roost.

9.  Instrumental Sight-reading Panel!

Are you a Musician? Do you play an Instrument? Are you looking to Improve your sight reading? This is the panel for you. Sight-reading is an integral part of many aspects of the professional music world. From Film Score recording, to Big band Gigs, to Auditions for Professional Bands and Orchestra's. Sight-reading is a Staple of today's music world. DJ Wolf (David Johnson) is an Experienced Saxophonist, Performer, and Composer. Bring your instruments to this unique panel and Learn to Improve your playing abilities with this essential Skill! This event is open to everyone novice to experienced. If you play an instrument bring to FC2011! Contact

10. Overflow hotel filling up

Our overflow hotel, the St. Claire, is now sold out of single-bed rooms.  Two-bed rooms are still available.

11. Critterlympics Sign-ups

Its time again for one and all to compete for the honor of your city, town, village,hockey region, county, independent fiefdom,country, species, clan, tribe, omnipocket, subculture, and meme!

Sign-up for participation is required and will start on Saturday at noon near the Info Desk by the High Surly Keeper of the Bat. No early sign-ups will be taken prior to that time.

12. Parking at Further Confusion 2011

Parking for FC2011 can be really cheap, or even free! This all depends on your arrival and departure times and careful examination of the fee and time schedules for the public parking lots.

Check out our Parking Information page at <> for more details.

13. Next staff meetings

Our next staff meeting will be on December 18th, starting at 1 pm in the San Jose Fairmont.

The final meeting will be on January 8th at the same time and is mandatory for ALL staff. Parking is available in the surrounding area but is not free. The parking lot closest to the hotel will run $7 for the duration of the meeting.

Further Confusion


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