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FC2011 September Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. Convention Dates Changed
2. Furry Market Place already at 50% capacity!
3. Dealer Room Waiting List
4. Panelists and performers wanted for the FC puppet track!
5. Species Track
7. Open Lead Positions for FC 2011
8. Annual Further Confusion camp-out and picnic
9. Next Staff Meeting

1. Convention Dates Changed

The dates for our 2011 convention have changed. We now have the Martin
Luther King holiday Jr. (U.S.) weekend dates of January 13th - 17th. Please
be sure your travel, hotel reservations dates, and vacation requests match
up with our new dates.

2. Furry Market Place already at 50% capacity!

Spaces in the Furry Market Place are going fast! If you have a desire to
sell your wares at Further Confusion 2011 and that material is acceptable
to all audiences, then the Furry Market Place may work for you. Head on
over to the Furry Market Place page of the Further Confusion website at
<> for all the
rules and limitations, as well as the Furry Market Place signup form.

If the Furry Market Place will work for you, fill out the signup form and
send it in with your US$75.00 payment (personal check or money orders only,
please) to the address given on the form. Sales of Furry Market Place
spaces will close when all 20 have sold, or December 15th 2010, whichever
comes first.

We will NOT be selling spaces at the con this year. Once sales have closed
in December any unsold spaces will be offered as extra space for our

3. Dealer Room Waiting List

The Dealer Room Waiting list is the place you want to apply to if you find
the Furry Market Place will not fit your needs.

When someone that currently has a table in the Further Confusion 2011
Dealer Room finds that they will not be able to make it to the convention,
they contact us and get their full refund. Then the space they gave up gets
offered in a 'Random Lottery' to a person on the waiting list.
Cancellations can happen at any time. We've already had one and gave that
space to a luck person from the waiting list. The most common time to have
cancellations is in the last 6 weeks before the convention. In some of our
past years every person on the waiting list got into the main dealer room.
But there have also been times when that has not been the case.

Our recommendation, even if you DO choose to apply to the waiting list, is
to look at the list of dealers shown on the website, and if you see one of
your friends there, ask them if they are going to need help manning their
table. Maybe the will split the cost of the table with you?

And remember, whatever you do, if you are going to sell product at the
convention, to seek a sellers permit from the California Board of
Equalization BEFORE you get to the convention.

If you choose to get on the waiting list, go to the Dealers page on the
Further Confusion website and download the Waiting List Application. Fill
it out and send it in to the address on the form.

We will close the Waiting List to new applicants on December 15th, 2010.

4. Panelists and performers wanted for the FC puppet track!

We are currently looking for both panelists and performers to help with the
puppetry track at FC2011. We have a long history of having a great track,
and I am working to make sure 2011 continues this. If you want to run a
panel, help on a panel, or perform in the puppet shows, drop us a line and
let us know, and we can get you added in. Contact our Puppetry Track Lead
through email at, and he will get back to you asap and we
can work out what you would like to do.

5. Species Track

Want to run a Species Panel? We are waiting to hear back from last years
panelists for some panels but right now Canines, Avian Furs, the Dragon
Panel, Ungulates Panel and Created Species. We may have others come up and
if there is another panel that you would like to run please just e-mail us
and ask. Time is short to get these panels lined up so please act quickly.
If you have any questions at all please e-mail our Species Track lead at


The first of October is the deadline for submitting art and writing to the
Further Confusion program book! That means we have less than a month to
gather illustrations and writing from authors and artists throughout the
land. If you're one of those creative people, please send us something. If
you know some of those creative people, please ask them to send us
something. It can be new work or existing work, as long as it's
appropriate. Requirements and specifications can be found on the convention
Web site at <>. Any
questions not addressed by the Web page can be directed to

7. Open Lead Positions for FC2011

We are looking for persons with an eye for details and can stay up on their
email to run some of our tracks.

Social Track.
We have our Main Stage dances taken care of (Thanks to DJ
Tigon from WA) but many volunteers for various entertainment related panels
need arranging and room bookings. You could also seek out other possible
events like the poi and light toys workshop of previous years.

Species Track.
Critters! This also includes events like our two Dragon Panels.

Spirituality Track.
Currently this is our smallest track, but certainly has the potential to be
made larger.

8. Annual Further Confusion camp-out and picnic

Just a quick reminder that our annual camp-out will be taking place from
Friday 10th through Sunday 12th of September, up at Anthony Lake Chabot

While reservations for camping are now closed, our Annual Picnic will be
held on Saturday 10th down in the picnic area of the park. All are welcome
to the picnic, and no sign-up is necessary!

9. Next Staff Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on September 18th, starting at 1:00pm in the San
Jose Fairmont. Check the lobby electronic sign for our room assignment.
Parking is available in the surrounding area but is not free. The parking
lot closest to the hotel will run $7 for the duration of the meeting.

Further Confusion


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