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Further Confusion 2012 July newsletter

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This FC2012 newsletter announces the Picnic and Campout on the weekend of September 10th and Guests of Honor E.E. Knight and Matthew Ebel (Hali), plus performers Uncle Kage and 2.

Open staff and panelist positions are advertised, with a $50 FC:Unleashed logo contest and a request for con book material. The Dealers Room and its associated waiting list are now closed, but applications for the Furry Market Place will open on or shortly after August 1st.

1.  Picnic and Campout

It's coming! A little later in the year. The Campout starts on Friday September 9th and ends Sunday morning on the 11th. The Picnic is on Saturday September 10th. We will be sending out separate news for reservation information in the next week or so. Thank you!

2.  GOH and Guest Announcements

Further Confusion 2012 is pleased to announce our Guests of Honor for 2012. 

E.E. Knight, Author of the Dragon's Champion and Vampire Earth series of books.


Matthew Ebel, musician. Many of your might have been to Matthew's wonderful concerts at other conventions, we are pleased to welcome him for his first performance at Further Confusion.


We are also happy to announce that Uncle Kage and 2, the Ranting Gryphon will both be performing at Further Confusion, as well also being on some panels. We welcome them back to Further Confusion.

3.  Further Confusion Needs you!

We need you! Want to be part of something great? Have a fun rewarding and challenging experience as an FC staff member. Further Confusion is for furs and by furs. And staff keeps this event happening year after year. We have the following positions open under programming. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions please e-mail us at

Open Positions:

a. Creators Lounge Lead & Second
b. Gaming Track Lead
c. Gaming Lounge Lead
d. Social Track Lead
e. Business Track (Talking about doing business in the fandom)

Calling all panelists, have you ever wanted to host your own species panel but, never had the chance to do so? Well your in luck because we have several panel openings that we need people to fill. Here is what
they are:

f. Fox panel
g. Gryphon panel
h. Raccoon panel
i. Skunk panel
j. Wolf panel
k. Equine panel
l. Kangaroo panel

If you are interested in hosting any of these, please contact us through

Wonder what makes a convention run smoothly? Operations! And they need you. Operations is looking for:

m. Con Ops Staff
n. Gophers lots of gophers


4.  Con book call out to artists and writers

Once again Further Confusion needs stories and artwork for the next program book. Design and lay-out will begin soon, and the earlier you can send us work, the better. If you have any questions about submitting material, please check out the requirements and specifications on the convention Web site at:


If you aren't an artist or writer yourself, tell your friends who are!

We are also considering relevant advertisements.

5.  FC:Unleashed! Logo Contest! Calling all artists!

Hey Everyone!

If you're unfamiliar with FC:Unleashed!, we are the variety show at Further Confusion!

Since we are fairly new, we found ourselves needing a logo to represent us!  And to make it fun and creative, the FC:U! staff decided it'd be fun to hold a contest.

Here's the skinny:


The prize is $50. (Which will be converted to your currency on request) We are offering a finder's fee of $25. (The way this works: If the winner we choose was referred to the contest by someone else, then the person who referred the winner also wins!) So when you submit your entry, please remember to include the information of the person who referred you, if you were referred.

What we want:

A logo. Text and graphic. Something that represents the fun that is FC:Unleashed! and encompasses Further Confusion.  We'd like it to say Further Confusion or FC on it somewhere as well as, FC:Unleashed! to be the main focus of the piece.

Be creative! There is no theme or genre that we're looking for specifically so have fun with it :)

The Rules:

We need the files to be shown in 3 sizes. Small, medium and large. You can submit the files in .ai, .psd or .jpg format. We'd like the largest of the three sizes to be no bigger than 1000x1000 pixels with a resolution of 300.

When you submit your artwork to us, it will become our property and we will not change your artwork but you will not get to say how and where it is used.

You can submit up 3 designs total for consideration.

The deadline for submission is Sunday, July 24th, 2011 at Midnight PST and winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

When you submit your artwork, please include your real name, fan name, the best way to contact you and where you're located so we can factor in the method of currency to pay you in should you win. Also, what method of payment you prefer for your winnings. And finally, if someone referred you, please include the same information for them and where you heard about us.

Contacting us:

You can e-mail your submissions to:

Also, if you're interested in submitting an act for the show you can get all the details here: <>

Other stuff:

This is going to be seen by lots and lots of people! So make something you're proud of ;) We're going to be using this for all of our advertising and anything show related and we will completely credit the winner for their awesome work! :) Thank you in advance for your entries!  And please please PLEASE boost the signal! Who knows, it might score you $25!

6.  Dealers Room Sold out - Waiting List Full

Yes, the Dealer Room for Further Confusion 2012 is sold out. And we have 30 people on the waiting list. So we are closing the waiting list at this time. Should circumstances change in some manner, we may open the waiting list again, but at this point in time we have more people on the list than we expect to be able to provide a chance of space to. Anyone applying after June 30th, 2011 will be turned away rather than added to the waiting list. 

However, if you don't mind setting up and tearing down each of the three days that our dealer spaces are open, AND you are going to be selling material of the PG or less in rating, you might consider...

7.  The Furry Market Place

Soon we will be opening the Furry Market Place section of our Dealers area on the Further Confusion 2012 website. Once we do, full information will be provided including the rules and a link to the Furry Market Place online Application. On or shortly after August 1st, 2011, we will activate a link on the Furry Market Place section that will take folks to the online application. The rest of the page will be live at least 2 weeks before that.

The Furry Market Place is a collection of 20 spaces in the hallway outside the Further Confusion 2012 Dealer Room. These spaces are unsecured spaces in a public area, so each vendor must set up and tear down daily as there is no secure storage available. Also, being a public area, we must limit what may be sold, advertised or displayed in this space to materials of no greater than a PG rating. Any materials of PG- 13 or greater is only allowed to be sold INSIDE the Dealer Room. Also, all sellers of taxable goods or services must have a Seller's Permit from the California State Board of Equalization and collect sales tax in accordance with California State Law. Further Confusion does NOT provide this for you. While it is not necessary to have a seller's permit to apply for a Furry Market Place space, you MUST have one by the time the convention begins, and provide the number for same to the FC2012 Furry Market Place manager before you will be allowed to set up you space.  Further information will be available on the Furry Market Place page
once it goes live on the website.

Furry Market Place spaces cost US$75.00 and include one (1) full membership as a part of that amount. The sales/display area of the space is approximately 4' x 2.5'. (Half of a 'standard' 8-foot table.)

Further Confusion


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